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  1. Am planning a trip to Yosemite next week, and was wondering if any had any tips (that they're willing to share :)) on areas of the park to fish, good guides and fly shops in the area etc etc.

    Many thanks in advance ...
  2. Its been years for me but go upstream to the pocket water and try big atractors in the buckets and behind every big rock their used to be some realy nice browns in their , I heard they were trying to get rid of them
  3. Used to live there. Not much fishing in the park (valley), but there are a few nice areas for brookies right before Tioga pass. Nothing huge, but lots of them. The lakes in the north eastern portion have some nice rainbows if you get out of the valley. Might also have a little better luck up around Tuolomne meadows. A bit less crowded. Lord Meadows and Cherry creek have also been great places for fly fishing, but you need to plan on packing in. Good luck.
  4. I 2nd hike up near Tioga Pass!!! Don't waste your time in the valley!
  5. The valley is great just got to know where to go. Go behind the parking lot next to the store. If you walk to mirror lake right before the turn out is some nice water. Some great water down by el portal also. If you go down by the Merced goto the camp sites. Drive the down the road as far as you can go. Walk down the trail for about a mile then you come to some really big pools that's the spot. If you go up 12O saddlebag lake is sweet walk to the far side. Tuoloumne meadows is real nice park at the meadows and walk left. If you keep walking there's some big boulders that's the spot to. Tioga lake is real good too good luck. Make sure you have long leaders 12 and small ant patterns. I miss living there the water is super low no snow in the sierras. You should goto the mobile and eat dinner best steak sandwich ever
  6. Take the 395 fish the walker river watch out for a big turn out with a huge boulder. The boulder is the size of a house watch out fOr that spot.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  8. http://www.sierraflyfisher.com/
    Jimmie Morales is the man on Yosemite. I'd expect the valley floor streams to be low, but the Kings is also and it's been on fire. Call Jimmie and even if he's booked, he can tell you where to go (or not to). Make sure you visit the Tuolome Meadows high Country, and if you go there, it's not that far to the Walker as mentioned above. There are a couple lakes in the TM area and the stream can fish well with a short hike.
  9. Hike up above Vernal and Nevada falls and fish the upper Merced; lots of beautiful, if small, fish and relative solitude. And the trail is a must do for its beauty and for seeing some of the most enduring legacy of the CCC.

  10. You'll love it there. Back in high school, I use to go there in the fall to a friends grandpa's ranch. You 'll miss these guys by a month or so, otherwise I'd have suggested Turks Tarantula:)

  11. find this lake

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  12. Thank you all for the many helpful tips. Unfortunately have had to cancel my trip -- but will be sure to check out your recommendations the next time I'm in Yosemite.

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