You can't have it both ways!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Bob Triggs, Jun 6, 2012.

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    If a person has a consumer in their shop and they let the consumer use them and leave to buy on line they have no idea how sales works. The biggest battle is getting people into your shop, the second biggest is not screwing up, seems people have an issue with the latter. LOL. BR
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    I am probably glad the image does not load on the computer I am using, I can only assume with your wit, it is really funny. BR
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    What do you do?
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    Finance, MBA with specializations is sustainability/entrepreneurship, BR
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    Call it what you want. To me it was a shop. I purchased almost every piece of fishing equipment I have from that shop. I don't buy shit from a club.

    BTW: What I quoted is a song title of a song released by The Buggles in 1979. I used it as a metaphore.

    Me thinks you just like to argue.
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    I've been trying to avoid these threads as it's always a bunch of yahoo's with zero experience farting nonsense...

    If you own a shop, have ever owned a shop or a business..speak up..your piece of paper from college is jack shit till you've run your OWN business...

    The owner did nothing wrong..people are assholes and I've seen it in every fly shop I've been in...I attribute it to the same attitude that I got a piece of paper on the wall and am so much smarter then you now b.s.

    Since there are no real fly shops within a hundred miles of me up here on the border...I shop in b.c. at Micheal and Youngs...they are more expensive then on line but will match most prices...I don't have to deal with what I'm seeing as the "stoner at the bike shop" now happening at on line in I'm freaking tired of screwed up orders and no replies from on line shops...
    So I go to a shop where I know the people, they are fly fisherman and know what etiquette is on the river as well as the shop...which is something most of you seem to have no clue about!!!

    Poppy is on line but has a dick widdlers should go tell him how to run his him your degree's ..he can always use more toilet paper....
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    How's this:

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    Well you proved my point. Lots of success to you;-) BR
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    Shops are not hurting because of online businesses, they are hurting because people on this thread either run them or hang out in them. BR
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    So... You are a consultant?
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    This thread has potential.
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    Well perhaps you are on to something with this. One thing for sure is your hanging out here certainly isn't improving the board.
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    I'd never partake of this "showrooming" thing. The reason is very simple. If the tables were turned and I owned the shop, I wouldn't want somebody doing it to me. It's deceitful in my view.

    Buy online if you want, but realize if you get the wrong size or don't like the purchase that you need to head back to the mailbox and start again.

    "Coffee is for closers." :D If you haven't seen this movie, watch this clip. Take the time. It does have some bad language...
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    Sounds like an online degree.
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    Pac-12 school, but I did take a couple of the course on-line, most on campus though. Hard to do all on campus while working. BR
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    Sure it is, people might act silly on-line, but numerous people on this thread are brainstorming new ideas on how to be better at their job. No doubt it is thankless for me, but I will provide the good will anyways. BR
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    I don't buy anything on line. I even got a reel from Allen F/F. I asked him to send me a reel before I bought it. He sent me one to look at and I wasn't happy with it and sent it back. No hard feelings ever. I asked him to send me another one and he did. I looked it over and it was what I wanted and I sent him the cash for it. Since then I got another reel from him and a fly line which was better than what the big box stores were selling. Can't go wrong for 12 bucks.

    I usually buy all the flies I need at the local fly shop along with new fly line. I'm pretty well fixed on everything else. I don't tie anymore and what I sped for flies won't break me. Plus I have a few here that will tie me up flies. All I have to do is ask.

    I don't need any flies yet as I still have a shit pot left from my last order.:p