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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Bob Triggs, Jun 6, 2012.

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    Off-topic Evan but you have one of the funniest pics on the forum as your "personal pic" or whatever they are called. Classic.
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    [quote="Etamaman, post: 741351, member: 13879
    Sorry to hear someone came in and decided not to buy your product after your help, but don't burn your bridges too soon.....They will return to buy more stuff than just boots.[/quote]
    Etamaman thank for the kind words. I thanked the gentleman for coming in and gave him a brochure of all the upcoming classes and seminars that we have planned. The fly fishing community is too small to hold a grudge against anyone. This guy will come back sometime because he will remember we treated him with respect.
    Everyone who walks in the door gets the same degree of service and respect regardless of the amount of money they spend.
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    Def: Integrity
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    Sort of like pointing out bad spelling or that using an Iphone makes it harder to spell....................................pfffft.

    I guess there is no good reason to support your local businesses. After all it is a global economy these days. I know one thing. I don't depend on the internet to tell me where I should spend my locally made money. From now on I am only buying my fly fishing gear from fly shops located in San Marino. There, I said it.
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    A number of flyshops in the state have closed in recent years. I'm just curious how many had any internet presence that allowed them to sell their products online. Anyone know?
    I know of one now defunct shop owner who just had no interest in doing so, even though internet sales were taking away from his business. It is to bad, because I really enjoyed his shop and he had a great selection of goods.
    I know it isn't an inexpensive proposition to set up and maintain a online store, but all business regardless of their size need to adapt to the ever changing way people purchase goods.
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    You have yet to answer the question... What do you do?

    You throw out a degree from some mysterious school, (by citing a NCAA sports division that didn't exist when you went there) and then inform us all that we are already your customers.
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    Pacific Fly Fishers is a great example of a great online presence, plus service, plus brick and mortar inventory. I would venture to guess they still have the same problem with showroomers, but it would be interesting to see the difference in frequency between them and other shops. I love their shop, but I always look at their website before going into the shop to touch, feel and ask questions. They will most likely be getting my money this upcoming weekend because this information and service is readily available to me. I feel the same way about Leland and the good folks at Orvis Bellevue. Sometimes, I'll go to the Avid Angler because they are just great people and closer to my house. Bottom line is, as the customer, it's up to me to make the choice of how I go about spending my money. I understand the ethics behind why it's shitty to mislead a sale and therefore, don't do this myself. However, it happens all the time, across all industries. At the end of the day, in my job, it's up to me to pull my pants back up and find an opportunity elsewhere to make a sale.
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    CIA ;)
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    I told you I work in finance. I have no desire to put anymore information on the web site. I do find it odd your desire to learn more about me. I don't recall anyone asking these types of questions on the fishing forum before. I provided sound advice, whether people would like to take it is up to them. No my issue, I do find this thread entertaining. Worth printing out...BR
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    You're probably right...
  11. 5shot Member

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    I always like to know where the advice comes from...especially when it is basically telling everyone how incompetent they are.

    I am guessing you have never run a retail sales business that involved stocking hundreds of items, yet you seem to have it all dialed in.
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    I bought alot of fly gear there, And never reliezed that it was a club
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    I buy from both my local fly shop and online as well as the big box stores. But I have to say that I buy more than 50% of my stuff at the fly shop. The guy who comes in and tries on shoes, waders etc, but then buys it online will likely be back to buy something else in the shop. Also, he might have a gift card to Amazon or Cabelas that someone gave him and he is using it for fly fishing stuff. My mother in law gives me an Amazon gift card for my birthday every year because "they have everything you could want". I've asked me wife to convince her that a Visa gift card would allow me to buy "anything I could ever want" from a local retailer, but she's a hard one to get her to change her mind.
    As for "added value" my local fly shop has included a barbershop in the back corner (my new go-to place for a hair cut), a cafe and additional non-fishing stuff (ammo, hunting and camping gear, outdoor theme home decorating stuff and a toy area for the kiddies). I've thought a bar and cigar store would also be a good inclusion:).
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    It seems to me that what bothers everyone--myself included--is simply the fact that our fly shops are slowly disappearing.

    Regardless of all the other crap that has been spouted on this thread--especially by this BR fellow--I think most of us can agree that it will be a sad day when we don't have anymore fly shops to walk into, shoot the shit, buy a couple flies, a book, some waders.

    The sad fact is, it's happening all over. People can say, "Shop owners should do this or that!" But in reality, more and more consumers are shopping online now, so that even though there are many of us trying to support our local fly shops, we aren't enough. I've seen it happen recently with a local used bookstore--which is a place that you think would do fine in the age of Amazon. But alas, they had to close the doors because just weren't going in there to buy their books anymore. If you ask me, people are just too damned afraid of human contact. Everyone loves poking each other on facebook, texting, etc. When did it become so hard to just give your friend a call to say hi, instead of replying to their status update to ask how the last year of their life has been. (And before you all go thinking I'm some baby-boomer pining for the good ol' days, I should say I am the ripe young-ish age of 31.)

    I will say, I do the reverse of the showroomers. I use the wishlist function on Amazon to keep track of things I find out about online that I want to buy. Especially books. Then, when I have the cash, I go to a local bookstore to make the purchase--HA! take that Amazon!

    Here's to keeping shops/clubs/hangouts/shit-shooting venues around for years to come.

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    I am oversensitive? First time I believe I have been accused of that one. Usually I am accused of lacking sensitivity. My wife will verify this. Trust me there isn't much you or anyone else can post here that will hurt my feelings. I am old enough now there isn't much you could say to my face that will hurt my feelings.
    I didn't see much here that was hostile (notice spelling) but that can be left to interpretation. Irrational is also subjective. I find most of your posts somewhat irrational.
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    I'm kind of like you in this sense. However, not in an effort to stick it to Amazon. What you may not realize is that Amazon actually supports many small businesses by helping them sell through their retail space. Amazon actually makes more money by providing the platform to sell other people's products, then they do by selling the inventory themselves. This also includes building and maintaining other retailers webstores separate from what is listed by just going to Before you twist my opinion for bias, I will do that for you, my wife works for Amazon. It won't bring back the neighborhood coffee shop/used book store, but at least they are doing something mutually beneficial for small and large business alike.
  17. Jason Rolfe Wanderer

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    I agree. Not trying to pick on Amazon specifically, because I do realize they have created a platform for some small businesses to work through. Just the general idea. And I do appreciate the fact that you can often find out-of-print titles on Amazon that you usually wouldn't find anywhere else.

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    Am I the only one that has ordered online from them even though I live like 30 minutes away cause I am lazy...
  19. If it was not for my local flyshop friends supplying the materials to tie the fly, help with the outerwear, help with the right fly line, and helping out my friends, I would not have been able to go with my friends and land a beauty like this........
    Kalama Buck Beauty - Copy.JPG
    The emphasis is on friends.....Make sure no task no matter how big or small goes without a "Thank You" to all of your friends.
    Life's too short....Dang near had a PE take me out and I came to realize just how important friends and family are to help you pull through.
    You can replace your waders, but you can't replace your friends.

    OK...sorry for the slight off topic....back to the topic at hand.
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    Anil. Thanks, but not quite salmon/shrimp pink enough. I know you had some earlier and my friend got some from your shop. I haven't had a chance to stop by, but I will in the next week or so. I'll check it out.