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  1. Stewart gave me the idea with the fly question. What is the strangest, weirdest, or craziest thing you've ever caught/snagged alive or inanimate object.
  2. ratfish at lincoln park last year. that thing came floppin into the shallows and i was terrified.
  3. I caught two bream this year....British bream are totally different that bluegill BTW! Both of mine were in around the 2-3 lb range but they get up into the 15lb size pretty regularly. A rare catch on a fly rod though.
  4. I once caught a dead rainbow trout that had literally been stripped and looked half filleted. No idea how it happened but the damn thing was hooked in the mouth.

    other than that, caught the biggest sculpin of my life fishing for pinks this past summer.
  5. A bat . . . White Miller on the Big Hole River above Divide. A beaver below the Beartrap of the Madison one winter. A gull on Georgetown Lake (swooped on a streamer pattern in the air). A rock shaped like a bagel while walleye fishing years ago below McNary Dam . . . fought well, too . . . thought it was a Walligator until it hit the surface. Forgot one . . . a friend hoisted-up a stainless prop & outdrive one winter while ice-fishing for Perch at Soda Lake.
  6. A mallard hen at Cottage Lake - While trolling with an intermediate line the # 12 hook of my six-pack fly snagged her in the web of her foot. She was so happy to be released that she left a rather slimy brown deposit on the sleeve of my new fleece jacket. That's duck gratitude for you.
  7. A fish caught my wife... she wanted to try and get the hook out by herself... she succeeded in releasing the fish and hooking herself in the hand in the process... unfortunately there was just enough of a bump left in the clamped down barb that getting it out took a little while since it hadn't gone through all the way
  8. A very pissed off owl while fishing for bass at night.
  9. Nymphed a fresh water clam out of the Yakima.
  10. Quillback rockfish while swinging the spey in a tidal estuary for pinks and chum.
  11. I was trying to catch a Hawaiian bone from Kauai a couple of weeks ago. I saw some nervous water and then just barley saw something under the water. I cast leading it about 5 or 6 feet. I felt the take, strip strike and the line was screaming off the reel. Holy mother this thing was heavy and still going. 45 seconds or so later a big turtle head popped out of the water. Oops!!...I need to improve my bonefish spotting skills. Pointed the rod at it and clamped down until the barbless hook straightened out. I didn't want to land it.

  12. + Juan,000:cool:
  13. If it was anything like the turtles I saw when I was weren't going to land it if you wanted to. I snorkeled down there and actually grabbed one at the back end of it's shell. Not a good idea. They are very, very strong.
  14. My cat while practing in the back yard with a spey rod.
  15. How far was the first run when you set the hook?:):)
  16. Sheepshead, like a jumbo panfish. I've caught them up to about 8 pounds. Pretty simple looking in photo sample #1, but check out them chompers in photo sample #2. I could not find a photo of the sheepshead tongue, which is covered with molars like those on the roof of its mouth. Eats shellfish like crab, barnacles, etc. Cruching is not problem with a mouth full of molars. Weird fish.
  17. holy shyte, those sheepshead have front teeth like humans...
  18. My 5 y.o. brother caught a clam directly in the vent with a rooster tail at the San Juan Islands last spring!!! lol
  19. My wife while fishing from my drift boat with a two hander(learning curve there man) note: don't have anyone in the boat while fishing a Spey rod, my wife still reminds me now and again when I'm braggin about a good day casting.
  20. A seagull and they are hell to turn loose.

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