You guys are all a bunch of lying bastards!!!

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by JesseC, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Part confession, part exhortation.

    I've been spending the last couple of months fishing steelhead with all sorts of "cheater" gear that is supposed to get me into unlimited numbers of fish. I didn't care. I needed to catch a fish. I was throwing beads (with secret polish) horribly dirty jigs (even tried ones with a glow stick) I even started dipping my jigs in a little bit of anise before heading out. I was literally that cracked out, trolling the back alleys of nefarious tactics to get a fish on the end of my line. None of it really worked. I LDR'd 4 fish in about 6 months of fishing with a lot of fruitless trips in between. So, I figured what the hell, maybe I need to really sell my soul to the devil and buy a gear rod. Three more trips of utter whoredom and depravity with nothing to show for it I had a "come to Jesus" moment and said to hell with it all. I am going to learn to swing. I might as well look really cool not catching.

    First trip with the spey rod and I've landed two fish. Touched their bodies and everything.

    You guys are evil bastards going straight to the inferno of eternal hell. The fact that you have been lying to everyone about spey fishing being the least effective method is pure evil trickery. It is by far the most productive method of fishing for steelhead. The casting part isn't even hard. It's just a god damned loopty roll cast.
  2. Congrats. It gives hope to those of us who only wish we were lying.
  3. you're full of it Jesse.
    The spey rod is nearly impossible to learn and largely ineffective for anadromous fish.
    Shame on you for misleading the public like that.

    finger wag (wink)
  4. Yeah, but was your fly made out of natural materials or synthetic? Everyone knows that you aren't really "swinging" if your flies aren't made out of all natural materials. :rofl:

    BTW, congrats!
  5. Never attribute to skill, technique, or method that which can be explained by sheer shit house luck.

    Hell, I caught two steelhead last Sunday on a Spey rod while swinging flies, and I was all set to do it again this weekend, but the damned rivers went up and out. So I tied a few more flies, got some wood cut and split, and am set to go get a micro SD card for my GPS so I can load some maps on it.

    But we are evil bastards no doubt, and going to hell more'n likely. We're fishermen after all.

  6. You have got to be lyin' out your gear lovin' hole! Does that really happen? Strangely enough though, I didn't catch a steelhead until I started fly fishing. After all those attempts with corkies, eggs, scent, jigs and whatnot, I hooked and landed one on the swing after three months. I think it's just a way of the universal steelhead gods to let us know we have found the light. At least your recent success will give you the hope and the patience to carry on when you hit those months of nothing happening. Congrats on coming to the dark side! A pleasure to have you with us. :)


  7. Did'nt we see you getting into that guides truck in front of Thrifty the other day?

    Maybe a relation to your success?
  8. Hogwash, you fish with scented flies, sacrilege.
  9. amen OJ
  10. Swinging is very effective over the right water. I have more swing success by a long shot... But I'm also really bad at nymphing.
  11. You got me! A tiny one with the guide, 1 the evening before by myself.

    Decided to hit the river as I was pulling into town and got my first one while fishing solo for 30 minutes before dark. Couldn't believe it.
  12. Either way, congrats. pics?
  13. Yeah. Pics, or it didn't happen.
  14. [​IMG]

    shit - removing until I figure out how to strip exif data.
  15. Now I'm calling foul Mr. Fowl. I know the source of that photo and that guy is way too cool to hang out with the likes of you.
  16. Ed - you are a true cock master. That photo is mine and I hang out with myself all of the time. ;)
  17. I like those sytlish fleece gloves. And I'm just jealous.
  18. Those are glacier gloves. They are by far the best fishing related accessory buy I've made at $10. It's really too bad mine started smelling like a hamsters asshole, but maybe the salty schwet is attracting the fish finally.
  19. More open admissions of scent fishing...oh the horrors.

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