You guys are all a bunch of lying bastards!!!

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  1. Here's my smolt. It still fought better than any trout I've caught. I am screwed for life, all those trout skills down the drain; all those books, all those flies, all that 5 and 6x flouro tippet, all those 3-5wt rods. I'll be damned.
  2. Right on... Jesse..

    Last sunday was epic... We hook two monster that broke our 12lb maxima leader and one of my striping guide.. And couple tucks but no fish to hand.. Monday was 60 degree and hot.. Slow no fish... But did see an old gentleman hook an 25lb plus on Morgan crossing, they were back trolling some kind of plug,, could not believe the size of that fish...

    Hey.. We not all bastard here...
  3. I am in complete agreement. Mine are wonderful, but smell like sh**. But I also throw gear on occasion. Nice fish, though. For some reason I caught more small hatchery fish (maybe 1-salters) this winter than I feel like I have in years past.
  4. Excuse me. Who are you calling bastard?
  5. Taking Jim Kerrs steelheading class last month was honestly the best thing I could have done.
  6. Sorry Jeff :(

    Wasn't going to stick around any longer after hurling for the afternoon. It didn't even work for chumming.
  7. Gotta start running 15-20lb!
  8. Jesse, welcome to the swing club. There is something very cool about feeling that pull at the end of the line. Knowing that at that very moment in time, you and the fish playing a little game of deception as you ask her to dance. Then you feel the pull of the fish as she says "Yes, I like your fly, let's dance". After that moment there is no difference between spoon, jig, glo bug, bead, or swung lady carolyn.

    Evan, I have to dissagree with this statement somewhat. I would be very surprised if you could put 20lbs of pressure on a fish without breaking your rod, pulling the hook from the fish's mouth or just straightening the hook all together.

    I tend to run 12lb mono during the winter. I don't notice a big percentage of fish lost due to broken leader. It's mostly pulled hooks, and a couple bad knots. With the knots, I'm notorious for tying a bad knot and fishing it. I always come back with a little curly cue and think "damn it, should have tied that one again" :beathead:
  9. Agreed on the 20lbs of pressure thing. But I'm after abrasion resistance when I step up my leader size. When I'm dredging bottom with T-14, I'm constantly getting caught in rocks and chewing up the leader. I've actually had plenty of fish pop me off on the heavy stuff before, just not nearly as many.
  10. Maybe the wrong river?

  11. I'm a bit confused by the whole leader tippet pound test thing. I have lost fish due to broken leaders, except when I use Maxima. I switched to Maxiuma Chameleon in 1974 after losing several fish to what was probably a bad batch of another material. And I lost a good steelhead while using some shitty 17# flourocarbon, either because it was bad material or my knot just plain sucked. However, except for the Thompson River in B.C., where I use 10# Maxima, I have never, repeat never, had a steelhead break me off while using 8# Maxima leader tippet, including a few over 20 pounds. The way I settled on 8# was when I only had single hand fly rods. I found that I couldn't break any tippet down to 8# Maxima with my strongest fly rod by anything but a straight line pull. I later learned that rods have a certain amount of "lifting" power, which is the maximum weight the rod can lift off the ground without breaking. Damn few rods can lift 8 pounds.

    I haven't done the same test with any of my two-handed rods, and sometimes now use 10# Maxima because Spey rods handle weighted flies so easily, something I didn't use with my single hand rods. Another thing, I cannot believe the number of steelhead I've landed, only to discover a wind knot in my 8# tippet. It's strong stuff. And if you think I baby fish when I play them, you haven't seen me play a fish. I've had guys ask me if I'm trying to break the fish's neck. I pull hard and never yield line unless the fish pulls harder, which may be why only a few fish take out more line that what I was casting at the time of the hookup.

    My thought is that if someone is breaking off fish with 10 or 12# leader tippet, they're tying crummy knots or don't know how to play a fish. Evan's remark about abrasion is an exception if you're dragging your leader across the stones. I try to keep mine above the rocks and do change out tippets when they get abraded. Another thought about leaders and sunk fly fishing. The heavier the leader material, the greater the resistance to sinking. Thinner leaders sink more readily in response to the sinking tip line and fly, weighted or not.

  12. Maxima #10 = Everyone else's #17.

    #16 - #22 fluoro or death.

    Mono γ = 1.05-1.15
    Fluoro γ = 1.7-1.9

    Sinks like a rock...ok, compared to mono.

    Glad the O.P. finally got one on the swing.
  13. that's a noice!
  14. I thought 12lb maxima is more than enough.. I with john about the bad knot.. I been practicing on the perfection loop..
  15. Speaking of bad knots - the Perfection loop, when tied with mono less than #20, has a break strength of about 65%.

    Lefty's little loop, or the king sling. Better knots, more consistent performance.
  16. Agreed! The perfection loop is definitely not the knot for this scenario.
  17. I rarely tie anything other than Lefty's non-slip. Best knot ever.
  18. Don't want to wade into the "lying bastards" thing but I will address the last few posts.

    Using 15# flouro I had a breakoff on the take near the surface on a wet fly. I was carrying a good 3' of shock loop and boink, it was gone. About 30 days later landed a nice fish on 12# maxima clear, re-tied and found another, nothing but head shakes and it broke the 12# maxima clear in less than 5 seconds. Abrasion resistence might be a key as these fish do have teeth. Now it's 15# maxima and flouro out of the question. My knots are my knots and they've never been a problem in the past, it's the line!! Both of those fish were pigs, the first I saw nicely and the second I felt, also nicely.

    Salmo mentioned 8# maxima was enough, for me it's not even close. Where I fish the steelhead are 2 isn't worth the risk of losing a once in a lifetime fish.
  19. I think I was using the wrong clear beads ;) You are such an asshole Brazda. Good thing I like that about ya!
  20. Damn brazda...that p90x must really work, you dropped a ton!!! That is one bad ass net by the way too..

    Kind of fun ain't it Jesse??

    What's funny is when I first took up fly fishing I thought you were supposed to dip you flies? I even used to bring along my jensen egg's and dip them in there....then I found out on a fly only river and almost got smacked..when you have been gear fishing for a long time you just think it's normal to use it..

    Water types and temp aside...sure is fun to swing..
    Brazda said something last year about how guys swing that is golden...word on that..

    I don't use anything above 12lb....don't buy any reason for higher but lack of knowledge and that's no slam on anyone..

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