You have to love it ... let the air out of the Clowns tires ...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by fredaevans, Jun 1, 2012.

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  3. Jim Ficklin

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    Montana justice in action! Wonder if OM Jim was the vigilante? Kudos to whoever it was.
  4. Salmo_g

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    If those are wild trout, and I think they are, that fine is pretty light.

  5. Steve Call

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    Agree! I don't know the MT sanctions but you'd hope the judge would levy the max fine for each fish over the limit.
  6. fredaevans

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    "Davis claimed the fish were his and he was charged with unlawful possession. He pleaded guilty Tuesday in Madison County Justice Court, was fined $640 and lost his hunting and fishing privileges for a year. Schmidt was fined $135."

    Well an easy bet is they both participated fully not expecting to get 'caught.' As noted above, I thought the fines were pretty darned light. There is no way you can be 32 fish 'over limit' and not know what you're about.
  7. Thomas Williams

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    Slap on the wrist, those guys will be out the next weekend fishing license or not. Shameful.
  8. Old Man

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    Good grief, there are signs all over that say closed and no fishing below the dam. I guess that they don't know how to read. I talked to a guy that fished the Beaverhead below the dam when it was closed He got a $135.00 fine. I guess that people are stupid no matter where you fish.

    But to take pictures of them and show them of takes real ass holes. There are really some nice Browns in that stretch in the open areas below that dam.
  9. triploidjunkie

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    Letting the air out is smart, even SOP in Montana. In Washington the person calling it in probably would have been arrested too for letting the air out.
  10. Brian Miller

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    Hmmm, drill two holes across a Schrader valve tool cap, put it on a split (key) ring and clip to your pack/vest?
  11. Abomb

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    Idiots, judge let them off light. Pisses me off, that river is phenomenal. Those kids are screwed though. Talked to some buddies in Bozeman who said the word is out on these two. They should be nervous leaving their vehicle unnattended from now on.
  12. P.Dieter

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    and dressing up like a game warden takes some real balls too.

    put on your glasses ya old fart ;)
  13. Old Man

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    I realized what I did after read the story the second time. It was put out there so I just left it there.

    Sometimes things get fuzzy and I don't look to close at things. That's how I make things go wrong.

    Hell. I ain't perfect.
  14. Alex MacDonald

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    Good... better they learn quick, they're still young enough for shock therapy.
  15. speyfisher

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    Hey, I like that idea.