You know you are hooked on fly fishing if ?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by cutthroat kid, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. 1 You decide to go to some other fly shops to get supplies because you are afraid your local shop in town is beginning to think you are a groupie

    2 You get excited when you see extra supplies of news papers in the recycling because you are always using them to dry out your boots after each outing and you want go out on multiple days in a row

    3. You get excited because it is only 21 more days until the winter solstice and and the days will get longer after that , allowing you to fish longer and multiple spots on the same day

    4 You discover a website that shows you how to make sculpin imitation flies with turkey feathers thinking there will be extra supplies after thanksgiving.

    5 2 years ago you are clippping flies on your back cast on the rocks every 5 th cast
    and 2 years later you are member of the wild steelhead coalition, subscribe to 3 different fly magizines, multiple newsletters, know every fly shop within 50 miles and belong to 2 different fly clubs wondering how you will make the meetings for others all over puget sound

    6 Your car gets hit by a deer and when emptying out your trunk before getting into your rental car, you are only concerned about transfering yor stripping basket

    7 Y ou get turned on by seeing seals in the water near points of land knowing that coho will be driven into shallow water within casting range.

    8 you have at least 8 different places in you mind at all times for vacaction spots in Oregon, British Columbia Washington ,MontanaIidaho, that are all mapped out according to river type, nymph vs dry spring fed vs dam created

    9 Yyou cant wait to do other types of fishing in lakes for bass, perch, crappie on a 3 weight and worrying about having ther right color PFD jacket that matches your personal style and float tube

    10 worrying about weather to clean your fly line after a day on the water or emply the dish washer first when you get home

    I love fly fishing
    only 22000 more hours until retirement
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  2. A fellow forum member visited the house recently. He took one look at my little Manx cat and said "dubbing". I'll let him stay anonymous unless he wants to out himself.
  3. You guys are cheese cakes. I can quit any time I want to. I just have not found a reason to quit for the last 45 years.
  4. When I fly fish I don't worry about anything. If I catch something it's good and if I don't that's good also. It means that I'm getting out and enjoying myself.
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  5. When you've been catching trout for 60 years...and can't remember when you last killed and ate one.
  6. You choose the color of your shirt based upon belly button dubbing options...

    All you see perusing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is wadable flats in the background...

    You've spent more than 2 hours researching the web to find a generic alternative for Frogs Fanny...

    You have more than 11 fly fishing "industry" bumper stickers on your vehicle...

    The above, but on your stripping basket...

    You spent more than $30 on a "homemade" stripping basket...

    You've considered investing in you own Sri Lankan tying venture...

    The 3rd most visited website in your browser is a USGS water flow table...

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  7. I just checked I have blue belly button dubbing
    I need more olive shirts
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  8. you eyeball roadkill for tying material.

    I confess to plucking quills off of a bloated porcupine.
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  9. God....You guys are really sick............................................too
  10. What me I don't have a problem, not at all.

    I know a guy who used to pitch for a major league baseball team. He retired to become a fly guide. His income increased by a zillion...
  11. So......... is there a problem?
  12. I haven't done that. I haven't seen any porcupines.
  13. You're wife has to constantly keep asking you to please mind the road and quit gawking at every passing mile of water.
  14. If you budget monthly for fly fishing gear.
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  15. You have a heavily weighted fly stuck in some part of your head
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  16. There is a fly rod, reel, line or accessories in every room of the house.
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  17. You have a fully loaded drying patch glued to the dash of your truck/car.
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  18. I just stick my used flies in my overhead liner. In fact I just cleaned it off this week. I had about 50 flies stuck there. When you pinch your barbs they come off easy.
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  19. You preach the Gospel of barbless hooks to anyone that will listen.
  20. You move across the country, take a pay cut and demotion, to be near the best rivers on the planet.

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