you know you're a fly fisherman when....

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  1. You have holes in your waders but you go anyways

    You zap-a-gap flies to your fingers

    You have worn flies for earings (unintentionally)

    You have been in trouble for spending more time with the fish than your wife/girlfriend

    you refuse to buy THE ring because it would cut into your fishing budget

    .....Keep it going.....
  2. When ... your net worth is defined by your bamboo rod collection.
  3. When you put on your waders in the morning instead of your work pants.
  4. when you find flies in percarious places like in the Bathroom and wonder how the heck that got there! :eek:

    when all of your reading material in the Bathroom consists of Fly fishing magazines and books about fly fishing.

    when you decide to use the money you were going to use for the power bill for Gas money to get to the river you want to go to.

    when you decide to buy tippet line instead of eating lunch.
  5. When you were up all night tying five dozen egg patterns. :beathead: :beathead: :beathead:
  6. when you choose a college based on the distance it is from a prime river
  7. When your number of fly boxes rivals the number of shoe pairs your wife/girl friend have!

    When your fly rod collection looks like a bass master's rod locker!

    When you and your buddy's conversations are dominated by the nuances of a recent hatch, the tying details of a new fly pattern, how to construct a specialized sink tip, leader recipes, etc rather than how fishing was.

    Tight lines
  8. When a co-worker points out the Zonker stuck in the cuff of your suit pants.

    Three days ago...thank you very much. ;)

  9. When you have flies dangling from your visor or headliner even after you cleaned your vehicle.

    When you turn down other job opportunities regardless of salary because you would have to drive hours to fish.

  10. When you find flys on the carpet at home and breathe a sigh of relief your cat didn't eat it.:eek:
    When you use fur from said cat and her sidekick dog Duke to substitute Hares
    mask to tie nymphs with.:rofl:
    When you simply must have the Rolls Royce of rod and reels but you drive 8 miles to save .03 cents a gallon on gas.
    Fishhead Too
  11. When your drift boat holds a higher rank in the house than your wife/girlfriend!
  12. Instead of counting sheep or whatever to fall asleep at night, you imagine yourself standing in your favorite river and let the rythem of the cast rock you to sleep. (just be careful, your wife may not understand when you suddenly set the hook as you are drifting off to sleep and the big one slams your dry fly...)
  13. ...when you don't consider a trip with the spouse a "getaway" unless you have a place to fly fish. ex.: "Maui? 'Cuz the guys from WFF are gonna be there..." have a complete fly rig in every vehicle you own "because you just never know..." don't consider purchasing a new vehicle for the wife because what she wants wouldn't suit fishing
  14. ....when you check this board every 10 mins while at work to get a feel for what's happening in the ffishing community.

  15. Hahahahahah! :rofl:

    Check out this guy's collection, as posted in a recent thread on Clark's.

  16. When your wife gets mad when asked if she wants to spawn!
  17. Here's another guy's collection that's gotta be worth as much as my house.


    I always knew I had a really serious problem. I just never realized I was in such good company .......Here's the collection alphabetically...
    Rolf Baginski 7 1/2', 2 pc, 5wt
    M.F. Calviello 6 1/2', 2pc, 3wt BiPower This one arrived w/ a broken tip I haven't hat time to fix yet
    Chubb 9', 3pc, 4wt circa 1890 restored by Steve Blake
    D. Degere 6 1/2', 2pc, 2wt "Special"
    D.Degere 7'7", 2pc, 5/6wt "Points North" Nitrogen cured
    Divine 8', 3pc, 5wt early rod restored by Steve Blake
    Dickerson 8013 dated 1947
    Dickerson 8014 dated 1949 made for Margrethe Snyder
    Dickerson 861711 dated 1936 made for Leland F. Carter
    Edwards Quad #43 8', 5wt restored by Sam Carlson
    Gillum 9',3pc, 7wt Light Salmon
    Granger Registered 7', 2pc, 4wt got this from Bocash
    Granger Special 7 1/2', 3pc, 5wt
    Heddon #8, 7 1/2', 3pc, 5wt
    Irgens Quad 7 1/2', 2pc, 5wt
    Leonard 38
    Leonard Catskill 39-5
    Leonard 10', 3pc, 5wt circa WWI
    L & C Regent 7 1/2' 5wt
    Montague 7 1/2', 5wt
    Ralph Moon 6 1/2', 2pc, 3/4wt "Firehole"
    Ralph Moon 7 1/2', 2pc, 5/6 wt "Firehole"
    Payne 101
    Payne 200L
    Payne 201
    Payne 7'9" Parabolic
    Phillipson Peerless 7', 2pc, 4wt
    Phillipson Premium 7 1/2', 2pc, 5wt
    Phillipson Pacemaker 8', 3pc, 5wt
    Summers 275 7 1/2',4wt
    FE Thomas Special 7 1/2', 3pc, 4wt
    FE Thomas Browntone 10', 3pc Salmon "Miramichi Rod And Gun Club"
    T&T Caenis 7', 2pc, 2wt
    George Varney 8', 3pc, 5wt
    Paul Young Para15
  18. When youve never put on dry wading boots....
    When you spend 10$ at the car wash to thaw your drift boat from overnight freezes.
  19. when you read this board and feel like you're finally normal...;)
  20. ...the only body piercing you've ever experienced occurred while attempting to spey cast:D hate waking up early, except when going fishing. Then you wake up 2 hrs. before it's time to go...and without an alarm

    ...there's more fish pictures hanging in your office than shots of family members:confused: of your primary coping strategies for dealing with the day-to-day grind is to day dream about your next outing tell your wife stories about guys you don't even know except through a ff website

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