You made an impact (Pike Place wild steelhead redux)

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Lugan, May 30, 2010.

  1. A story in today's Seattle Times describes how the fish-throwing guys stopped selling wild steelhead: "...staff recently announced on their blog they would no longer sell the delicacy, after a barrage of angry e-mails organized by steelhead sport anglers. In the process, the staff decided to review everything sold at the market, with a goal of going 100 percent sustainable". Good work folks, though surely just a tiny step on a long climb.

    There are lots of other interesting comments by the owner and others in the article, tackling wide-ranging issues of sustainability, wild vs. hatchery, farmed fish, and more:

    Me, I'm going to remain a trout fisherman for the foreseeable future.
  2. I read that this morning. Good for everyone.
  3. it's a nice piece, but unfortunately the owner states that he believes that OP steelhead are sustainable. we know that stocks at 1-5% of their historic run sizes, many of which fail to consistently meet lowered escapement goals, are the opposite of sustainable.

    it's great that steelhead is no longer for sale, but the message needs to be more about truly sustainable seafood than angry customers.

  4. Aye, we need to organize for next winter, and be ready to work with the other markets/mongers/grocery stores in order to have a larger impact.
  5. heh, heh, heh, i emailed the blog link that was orignially posted on this topic to the times and king 5. glad someone picked up on this story :thumb:
  6. Good article but there is still a need to educate with the real story instead caving into some angry anglers. This shouldn't be regarded as the old divisive Sport/Tribal Politics, because it isn't, it is about the conservation and future of wild steelhead and collaboration with the tribes. It is obvious that the customer pressure provided a catalyst to reassess PP's fish market sustainable practices and perhaps paved the way to further understanding by the owner and public what is happening to wild steelhead. At least wild steelhead were on the front page again.
  7. hey rich, you might want to make your valid point with the person who wrote the article, can't hurt.

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