You meet the nicest people on the Yakima....

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Derek Young, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Can you name these gentlemen? Good running into you all - but the skunk was on! Lots of Skwala's today, but no takers. Roza at dark - there is a gargantuan Beaver down there making all kinds of noise, and lots of rising stee....shhh...:thumb:


  2. "just more bug loving nerds in funny pants"

    quoted by my friend sitting behind me. no offense to whoever it is.
  3. I heard that guy on the right is a trout whisperer!
  4. They look gay to me. :)
  6. Ok, i'll fess up, i'm the guy in the middle.

    It was good running into you Derek. Although, I definitely felt like it was a bit of an internet dork-fest. I'm glad we all found the time to get on the river :)
  7. You know, there were 5 WFF'ers between the two boats. I think that's pretty cool - in the river, not sitting behind desks wishing they were.
  8. I'd like five names then...striking them off the Christmas Card list. I was shackled to a cubilce on that beautiful sun shiny day. Looks like someone is telling a funny story and all are
    enjoying the sunshine. Did you eat the bug?
  9. Jesse had just finshed making lunch when the Derek hatch passed by. Derek Jordan and his girlfriend were just ahead of Derek Young and except for some English bloke, that was the traffic for most of the day. We were not skunked but worked for what we did catch with a couple on nymphs then in the late afternoon a couple of misses on skwalas. Slow day after the spike in the flows Thursday with the visibility on Thursday less than 16", but all in all not a bad day. Yes, Mr. Young I am still working on the lean bar but I do not think Jesse got any splinters in his waders, and I did not flip him out of the boat.

  10. Yea, it was a WFF reunion out there!

    We DID talk to a guy that comes all the way from L.A. just to fish the Yakima. I find that pretty amazing.

    I was getting pretty irritated at all the missed skawala takes. I guess I need to brush up on my dry fly fishing...since it's been a strictly nymph game for me for the past 8 months. Had fun none the less though.
  11. Hey Craig - no one can knock your rear bar. I know that thing has saved my fat ass from tumbling at least a couple times! And - no holes in my Cabelas Chinese Yang Tze River $50 waders :)
  12. Since it has not broken these last trips I will slap some paint on it. Should have some laying around somewhere. Craig
  13. Hell yes, we customize everything over on the east side! :rofl:

    But in all seriousness, that thing is solid!
  14. Doc, my comments were positive - I like the ingenuity. The "Derek Hatch" is pretty funny. Seems like every shop has one...
  15. Derek yes I even think Jack has two. Derek Jordan and I were talking about it last week.
  16. Must be something about the whisperers.

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