You must be a redneck if . . .

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kent Lufkin, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. My wife's cousin snapped these at the Orchard Ave. exit in Boise a few weeks ago. What a hoot!

  2. :rofl: Great pic. Thanks.

  3. Why is that a hoot? You have to have extra transportation when you’re traveling in your mobile home :clown:
  4. Were those New Mexico plates on that Chevy?

  5. Good one! :rofl:
  6. 2x good one! :rofl:
  7. Gotta be Utah plates !!
  8. That's Larry Craig's incognito car, he's hitting the campaign trail for some hill-country separatists that haven't yet heard why he doesn't fly anymore
  9. Yeah... lot of rednecks in Utah.... :confused::confused::confused:
  10. And knowing that these ATV's can go just about anywhere. He probably drove it up there.

    Most people here in Montana just carry then in the back of their P/U's.
  11. Most people everywhere do!

  12. that's the duck huntin special wagon , jeez Kent.
  13. Here I believe everybody except me has one. They are street legal here so you can go to town in them. They are used for everything from Herding cattle to Elk hunting to fishing.

  14. every dang huntin camp in Oregon it seems has atleast one nowadays. Funny thing is they are illegal to use off the roads and trails here. But, everyone does, there seems to be very little if any enforcement- what else is new?- there was a full 2 page spread in the newspaper(Statesman-Journal) a few days ago on the proliferation of these things. It seems to me the mere purchase of one by a hunter is almost an intent to break the law. Sure there are area's where users can use them off-road, (ATV play area's) but most big game hunting area's are not those. They can only use the same area's normal vehicles can. Closed roads are just that "closed". Not sure how the laws are in MT or elsewhere.

    Apparently if you are road hunting from your heated Chevy you are pond scum, but if you do it on a Honda Four-Trax with 900 dollars worth of animal estrus scented camo on you are a champion hunter, one to be respected and feared. Well, feared anyway.

    But, surely I am just jealous since I don't have one. Or the estrus scented camo either. But it's on my Christmas list, yup, I am a redneck .
  15. or Bar hopping...
  16. Darwin was right ........:hmmm:
  17. I'm sorry I left that one out. They have rallies with them things. If you drive in the hills there are some restrictions. In the summer you have to stay on marked roads. And some of them marked roads are a couple of ruts going thru the grass. Being here the tracks could be several years old. Things last long around here.

    i have to find the ones from when i was younger where i had my honda cr 250 hanging out the back of a honda crx......

    id ramp it off the bumper up in with out the hatch on...

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