You must retain your first two hatchery fish on the Methow

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Lex, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Hi fellow steelheaders,

    I originally posted this in a thread for the Methow / Wenatchee opener but it was buried so I thought I’d reiterate my point and Freestone’s additional comments in a new thread.

    I wrote:

    KEEP THE FIRST TWO HATCHERY FISH YOU LAND! There are literally guys every year (mostly fly fishers) that will release them so they can continue fishing through the day and then make false reports that the fish they released that morning were wild - just in case they were being watched. Don't do this. It exaggerates the number of wild fish recorded and can get the season shut down earlier than warranted. For those of us that live in the valley or have places there that f'ing sucks.

    Freestone’s comments:

    Well said Lex! Selfish f'ing idiots contributed to the early/winter closure last year. If you aren't willing to keep your hatchery fish, then fish elsewhere as this is meat fishery, plain and simple. Bring a pen, knife and cooler otherwise you may have a hard time convincing the officer that you intend to keep your brats.

    Also, keep the Endangered wild steelhead in the water! Don't be a douchebag and lift your wild steelhead for the hero shot as it is not only illegal, but it shows how little respect you have for these ESA-listed fish. Plus, if you really need the hero shot to boost your ego it basically broadcasts to everyone that you are really just compensating for your small rod!

    My final words:

    There are ALREADY people doing this yesterday and today. Releasing hatchery fish and calling them wild to the creel checkers so they can keep on fishing. Yes, this was verified. This is seriously unethical and completely selfish behavior. Enforcement is looking for this activity and don’t treat it lightly, so get with the program. The Methow steelhead season is an EMERGENCY OPENER – A F’ING MEAT FISHERY – NOT A SPORTSPERSON’S STEELHEAD PARADISE TO ABUSE THE RULES.

    Just trying to get the word out so please help to disseminate this information to others.


  2. Good point Lex. Along with that, no one wants to be a "nark", but it takes 30 secs to let the creel checkers know of certain individuals that are doing this.

    I'm sure they are aware that it happens, but if they had the chance to "spook" someone (or several others) into stopping this behavior.

    It may help.
  3. Dave - Good point as well. Though, it's not called narking. It's called being a good steward of the river.
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  4. One of the reasons I don't fish the Methow for steelhead. I don't like to eat fish. I am not driving all the way over there, make five casts, catch two fish, then come home. Hardly seems worth it.
  5. Just to be clear, it is ILLEGAL to release hatchery steelhead on the Methow, Wenatchee, Entiat, Okanagan, Upper Columbia and Similkameen. You will be given a ticket if caught - and you may get worse than that from the locals if they see you do it...

    It is also ILLEGAL to lie to the WDFW creel census takers. The local economy really relies on this steelhead season so keep your hatchery brats, tell the truth to the census takers or stay home! Don't ruin it for the businesses, guides and locals who depend upon this season. WDFW worked very hard to even get NOAA to allow us to have a season at all and a bunch of lying, selfish idiots could easily get the whole fishery closed forever!
  6. Thanks for further clarification!
  7. Thanks for re-posting. It's unfortunate that a "fishing advisory" is necessary. Hope a couple of the ne'er do wells get popped. That might help drive the point home.
  8. I am new to steelheading and this is great info! I'm planning on going to the Wenatchee this weekend and I will be keeping the first two hatchery fish I catch, if I'm lucky enough to catch any... How is the wading access on the Wenatchee at this time of year? I will be swinging flies and I've heard the Wenatchee has some great swinging water, I jsut want to make sure its wadable as I will be coming from Snoqualmie.
  9. I'm really looking forward to my weekend over there. I was having a hard time defining why I was so looking forward to it. I think Lex hit the nail on the head. I'm actually looking forward to going on a trip with the specific intent on bonking fish and putting them in the cooler. I don't really care if there are a lot of them in the river or not, just the fact that that is the purpose of my trip and I get to do it in such a pretty place at possibly the most pretty time of year is just excitement overload.
  10. This has happened to me on a day trip once. I was done by 7:30am
  11. Next time bring a fake beard/glasses setup and a different hat. You should be good to go.
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  12. Bingo. You just gotta go straight up Bobby Valentine (Met's ers) on them.

    Go Sox,
  13. It's very low and I don't think you will have to worry about the 2 hatchery fish.
  14. I know this river very well, and honestly do very well there. But my expectations for this fall are the lowest they've ever been. I think those buying in to the hype of easy limits here are in for a rude awakening.
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  15. Thank you!
  16. The fervent tone of this thread has got me all worked up. I can't wait to bust some skulls. Unlike KerryS, the opportunity to rid the system of these inferior, mongrel, hatchery brats, tie them to my bumper, and drag their sorry asses back over the pass is worth the price of admission. ;)
  17. I have been checking the flow charts and it doesn't appear to be low but then again, I haven't seen it first hand. Either way, I plan on giving it a go this weekend.
  18. Here's a formula:
    1) Catch and whack a brat.
    2) Fish for hours with your hook point clipped off. You get the tug without the guilt.
    3) Put on a new fly before dinner, catch and whack your second brat.
    4) Go to the Schoolhouse Brewery and drink to your good fortune.
    5) Beg for Lex's approval.
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  19. whatever dude I'm just trying to make sure people understand as this illegal behavior is what got the river shut down early last spring. Your jackass response is exactly why I don't post on this forum anymore.
  20. I don't fish the Methow but have a question regarding the must keep hatchery fish regulation.
    Is the goal to remove as many hatchery fish as possible? If so, why limit the daily limit to two fish?
    What about four fish? Many rivers in the state have regs that offer liberal catch limits when excess fish are available.
    The only downside I can think of by increasing the daily limit is the additional fishing time might increase the encounters with wild fish.
    What would be your thoughts on this and thanks for your input.

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