Young kids, catching fish, and Fly Fishing

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    I heard that some newbie on this board went fishing with jim...

    All I can say is you all have more guts than I do. I tried the fishing with Jim thing and almost ended up pulling my hair out. Went with a buddy up on the S/F Stilly one year with him and Jim. All I heard was is too hot in the sun,the bugs are biting me,I can't cast,my line is tangled,why can't I catch anything (among other things I can't post on this board...). But of course he was just being old and grouchy.

    I found out that I don't have any patience with Jim anymore.

    LOL (just playin with ya OM)
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    Some pics that fit the topic:

    I took some kids from my church fishing for chums and they had a blast. They had as much fun hunting down dead salmon carcasses on the shore and seeing the crazy teeth...

    This steelie was caught by my 'lilttle brother' of the 'big brothers' program. He was pretty excited and I was pretty jealous... :eek:


    Here are a few shots from last fall when I took my 2 older sons fishing for chums. These shots are of ethan battling a monster chum on my 8wt. The smile in the last shot says it all :D


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    Nice pics Chad, last one was best: rosy cheeks and miles of smiles!
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    Maybe you are the reason................ :p :p :p :p

    Jim :rofl:
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    My kids are aged 9,9, and 7 - three boys. I've had good luck taking them lake fishing. First in a rowboat and more recently in float tubes with lifevests some of the time connected to my tube. Ideally it is of course best to get into alot of fish if possible. None of them can cast real well, but they can all let the line out and do strip type retreives in lakes and feel and set the hook themselves. Casting will come a little later though they try it when interested. We always take time to enjoy and treasure each fish we get whether or not we get it to the net or not. We take alot of pictures. Look at alot of insects. Enjoy the senery. Lake lenore in the fall with a wooly bugger has been good to us.
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    I started my kids off on spinning gear when they were about 5 years old. A lot less stuff for them to worry about (just haul back and throw), and frankly most of the time they were more interested in seeing how far they could chuck that lure, than they were in catching fish...

    As they got older and watched me catch fish on a fly rod, they clamored to make the switch.

    They like to flyfish and golf with Dad...what could be better?

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    My brother-in-law bought my son a fly rod and reel two years ago for his 8th birthday (this bil is a guide at All About The Fly) and tried teaching him to cast. He seemed to lack any real interest and never got a chance to head out on a stream. Then about a month and a half ago my wife signed him up to take lessons through the local Y. Well the first class came and he was the only kid in the class, so my wife suggested that I go over and sign up too so that he would feel more comfortable, so I did (I have always wanted to learn to fly fish, but time has been a major issue).

    So after about 6 weeks of classes and one trip out to the Cedar river with the class (my son missed the trip since he was at camp that week) I finally got a chance to take him back out to the Cedar river. We started out fishing with two rods (yeah, I bought my own, can't have two people fishing with one rod can you? ;) ). When he snagged and lost his second fly in the over hanging bushes I decided that it would be easier to just use my gear and so I took his gear over to the side of the river. We took turns casting the single rod (this goes back to "fishing with" vs "taking fishing").

    We were fishing a small section of slow moving water along the bank that was easy to cast into and only about 20' away. We were getting strikes on every cast, we were just way to slow to hook up on any. We finally each managed to land a fish before the end of the night (my son's first on a fly and my second). He was so excited and is now ready to go again. I think seeing the strikes was as exciting for him as catching the fish since he knew that it was a matter of hooking the fish was all that was missing.

    Definitely a situation of the blind leading the blind, but an incredibly fun evening.
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    Awesome Jordan! You definately can't force the issue with kids - but when you let them come to it on their own and make it about fun, most can't resist :)