Your an a-hole

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by StiffLegged Van Rossi, Nov 3, 2007.

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    you're an a-hole

    I'd like to hear stories about the worst experiences on the river as far as etiquette folks have had while out fishing. Then what they did or didn't do about it.

    The reason I am asking is that I didn't say anything about a year ago when I was fly fishing the East Fork of the Lewis River and two bait fishermen starting swinging below me, as I was trying to work my way through a 50 ft run. One was only about 15ft below me and the other about 25ft.

    I was shocked at the disrespect and walked off, and as I did I looked back as one of them landed and kept a small 20 inch Steelhead native hen on a huge clump of eggs. The only thing I could think of to do was call F&W to report them as you can’t keep natives on this river. Not to mention it was only 20 inches.

    I probably would of been more aggressive but there was no doubt these guys were high on something heavy. It is just a shame that we all are out there for the enjoyment of fishing but people (even after years and years of experience) don’t know what is acceptable and not acceptable on the water.
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    Kenai river. After guiding all summer in Bristol bay, I went fishing on the "World Famous" upper kenai.
    Swinging Flesh Flies while rafts drifted 15' infront of me with guides yelling "cast right by that guy" After about the 15th boat to do that I was pissed!
    Then got low holed by two bank anglers. The dudes waded in 10' below me as I was working through a run. I just about dropped my rod and started swinging!
    Then another raft pulled up got out and two guys tried to walk down and low hole me again! I basically started running down stream to the new water below me. These guys had a dog too and let it run around and it came over and started barking and growling at me. Almost pulled the gun out.

    I guess this is normal on the Kenai though. I will NEVER FISH THE KENAI AGAIN!!!
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    I had a gear guy come down to the run I was fishing, cast over my plainly visible fly line just as I hooked a fish. He snagged my line, and started reeling hard. He knew he had me. His hook made it down to my fly and all his jerking pulled the hook. Now he and I are snagged on each other on opposite sides of the river. He then yells at me for snagging him and making him lose a fish. He reels my fly in and tosses it back in the water like I'm the jerk. I shook my head and walked away.

    There's nothing you can say to guys like that. They're that way because it's how they are. Words from us aren't going to change that. Now if it'd been some kid or some guy plum new to fishing, I'd maybe say something to educate them. But if the guy is a drugged out ass, he'll always be a drugged out ass. We ain't gonna change that. Ain't worth fightin' over.
  4. Dustin Bise Active Member

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    one time i came across two homeless men gettin groovy down by the riverside
  5. StiffLegged Van Rossi Gonzo Phishin'

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    I hear ya but that is the Kenai. I am 32 and grew up in Alaska 15 years ago (Kodiak, Valdez, and Talkeetna) and the Kenai is by far the worst river to fish if you don't like people. But, I have to say you will catch fish and they are generally huge.

    However, I understand the pain of the disrespectful guide.
  6. Dan Soltau New Member

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    I have a personal peeve about the guys who show up at the wade section on the upper madison and float it in their 1 man boats, so when i just hiked over a mile to fish some water and when i get there, there is some yoyo already there sitting next to his pontoon. And these guys are never locals either... if one of these fools catch me on a bad day, I might just have some words!

    The whole two homeless men thing is just wrong, i am not sure how i would react to something like that! lol
  7. Dustin Bise Active Member

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    i just watched.....
  8. bankwalker Member

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    i had a guy sick his dog on me and a buddie after asking him for a fishing report, and if there was room to get by him so we could walk up river.

    the dog charged at me and i grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and pulled out my filet knife and put it at the dogs throat and told the guy come get your dog and get out of here or i'll slive his throat.
    and the guy did just that, got his dog and took off down river.
    i wouldnt have sliced up the dog anyway. but it was the only threat i could think of at the time to get the dog and the guy out of the area. the guy was obviously drunk and could barely make it up the trail.

    another time i had a guy get in my moms face for tangling up with him. this guy crowded in a 10 foot area between me and my mom. and there was no one around for 100yd above and below us. go figure. i let him know who ran that 10foot section of water lol and he just walked off.

    i have never once had to get physical with someone yet, but have been very very close quite a few times. i dont put up with that kinda crap when im out trying to relax. and if my mom is around its double time on keeping people like that out of our fishing area. my mom doesnt get to catch alot of fish nor does hse get to get outthat often. and people that show he disrespect or anyone around me for that matter. i will get right in their face.

    we are out to enjoy fishing, and relax. and people who feel the need to be arse's on the river, crowd people out, or trash the area. i will return the favor 100% and make it known they are not wanted trashing our waters.

    and 90% of the time they pack up and leave.
  9. bankwalker Member

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    was it as good for you as it was for them...?

    sorry i just had to say it lmfao :beathead:

    please delete if needed. lol
  10. Ringlee Doesn't care how you fish Moderator

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    I feel bad for Kenai Rainbows! The fish I got only had one eye and the worst hook scarred mouth, I have seen. I would take a Katmai/Tikchik Rainbow anyday.

    I can deal with people fishing around me. I enjoy it most of the time. It is just a true lack of respect for another angler and people know they are doing it. 100 yards of water right above me and you decide that going 10' below me is cool?
  11. bankwalker Member

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    yup nothing pisses me off more when people crowd right in like that.

    i can see if its someplace like hoodsport, blue creek, or other places where that is the norm. but when im on the green, or sky and some decided the rock right behind me is the best place to fish and cast over my shoulder. thats just a little to much...

    at least i think so anyway :confused:
  12. Steven Hendrickson Member

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    I was combat fishing when i was 8 at whatcom creek fish hatchery for chums for fun when this guy wouldnt move when i had a fish on so i could get to were i could net it. He told me that he was there and i couldnt get by him. When your standing on a concrete pad 10 feet over the water when the stairs are around the bend. He Started cussing at me and telling me all sorts of things. Later that day he got beat up for doing it to somone else.
  13. EasyE Member

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    During my bait chucking days I was bankfishing the Sky and having a good day. I had just landed a nice native steelhead and a guide with two clients happened to see it. He pulled his jetboat up about 12 feet from me and told his clients to cast into the pool I was fishing. He had the nerve to try and strike up a conversation with me. As I said, I was having a good day so rather than end it on a bad note I moved down stream and continued to have a good day.

    Another time I was fishing Possession point with a guide and another boat kept trolling right over our lines. Eventually he got his line tangled with one of ours. The guide grabbed the rod and reeled in and cut the plug off the guys line, held it up for him to see and hung it up inside the cabin of his boat in the same spot he had several other pieces of gear he had taken from similar a-holes. This guide wasn't someone you wanted to mess with and it was obvious so the guy just let it go. It was damn funny.
  14. sharpshooter223 Member

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    i was bait fishing one of the toucannon lakes this last spring. the party of 4 that i was with set up some seats and designated out area, there was plenty of room around us. so i get a fish on and im taking it over to the bucket. when i turn back this moron and some girl he was with are snooping around my tackle box, AND THEN THEY TAKE SOME OF MY BAIT AND START SITTING IN MY SEAT. the 3 other people and me are just looking at eachother not sure what to do cause we just cant believe it. so i went over there and started acting like i was looking for something in the tackle box and then i took the bait from the armrest of the chair. the guy was looking at me like "wtf is he doing?" then when he reeled in i stood up and cast over so he wasnt able to cast. then he moved. i think they were high, cause i dont see how else somebody could think of doing something like that.
  15. sharpshooter223 Member

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    that guide deserves a prize of some sort, i dont know what kind but he deserves a prize.
  16. olypenjeeper Active Member

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    i saw some rednecks from joyce bonk a gorgeous 20 poundish wild steelhead on the lyre last feb. i went and told a game warden that i ran into a few days later. gave him truck/plate details, don't know what ever happened to those scumbags. also the lower elwha near the mouth is a circus, drunken mullet-heads snagging fish and casting over each other.
  17. tahuyamg tahuyamg

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    I was bait casting at the skok. w/ a buddy of mine. we were fishing a spot to ourselves when he hooked into a 19 pound silver. well at least 10 people swarmed us (being the skok. I am aware that this was going to happen) but the thing that really got me was when this guy literally stood in front of me, I mean right in front of me! I could not believe it! I'm not one to open my mouth on the river but in this case-I just laid into him and was so pissed I was ready to knock his head off. Fortunately it didn't come to that and he moved on...
  18. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    I was on a better known river in Montana casting to some rising trout in this eddy. This guide in a drift boat saw the action and moved in. I didn't say anything at first but then he found a pocket that put the boat between me and the fish. I aksed him to move as my accuracy wasn't great and I didn't want to hit the client. He wouldn't saying that he had a long day and this pocket he found meant less work for him as far as rowing. SO I asked him to move because I was there first. He freaked out and starting cursing at me saying that he was sick of out of towner thinking they had rights on the river he made a living off of.
    I threw the shot put in college so i picked up a rock about the size and weight of a shot put nd heaved it next to the area of the rising fish. Huge splash and the guide got some water in his face. And the fish stopped rising. It wasn't the high road but no one was hurt, I never cussed, and a point was made.
  19. Mathew Ugly, but happy.

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  20. cuponoodle breakfast gritty

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    I don't fish the Skykomish much anymore because it seems I always run into assholes there.
    From Sultan down, most of the stories involve sleds sidedrifting multiple lines through the water I'm fishing, then running up to the top and doing it again.

    The summer before last I was fishing jigs in the upper Sky. The water was a bit high and I was standing against the bushes with nobody around. Some dude walked in and started fishing 10 feet below me. I was drifting my float right in front of him and retrieving it so close he could have grabbed it. Then he started casting over my line right in the middle of my drift. I was pissed.
    "You park at the hatchery?"
    "And you walked all the way down here to fish ten feet from me?"
    "I didn't see you."
    "Even after you crossed my line for the third f___ing time?"
    He reeled up and left.