Your an a-hole

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by StiffLegged Van Rossi, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. StiffLegged Van Rossi Gonzo Phishin'

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  2. StiffLegged Van Rossi Gonzo Phishin'

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    :eek:Stupid computer. Ok, user. I can't delete my redundant posts.
  3. StiffLegged Van Rossi Gonzo Phishin'

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    Vancouver, Washington
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  4. Nader Unsafe at any speed

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    One time a creepy guy in a beat up truck pull up to the bank of the river I was fishing, and he just watched me for about 45 minutes. It was his land I crossed to get to the water, but come on, a man's gotta fish!

    Wait, wasn't this about us being a-holes?
  5. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I don't think that I have ever had any problems like these. If it gets crowded I just leave as there is a whole lot of river to fish and I'm not going to argue over some 5 foot space.

  6. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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    This summer on the Cowlitz. We'd been amchored up fishing this run for a half hour or so. This prick spey fisherman wades across the river only to start fishing 20 feet or so in front of our raft. The dude acted like we were invisible. My buddy was fishing gear while I was fly fishing. Words were exchanged and he moved on. His guys arrogant attitude deserved a piece of pencil lead upside his head.

    Also, any river in this state that has a Humpy run. Snagger, flosser, poachers, litter, etc. You name it you'll see it. Humpies bring out the worst in folks.
  7. Swandazi Kevin

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    Well. my friend was fishing Devils Lake near maltby and some guys trolling in a boatkept coming realy close to his dry fly line as they were trolling by. After nearly missing it a few times they turned around againand headed straight towards his line. He started yelling at them that they were going to hit his line.. They didnt pay any attention and ran over his line. And even after they had it wrapped up all the way around the motor they still kept going until the line snapped. My friend starts yelling at them and all they do it stop the motor. Reach down take off the line and throw it into the water...

    Anotheir time my friend was fishing the snohomish with a guide.. They pull up to a pull with no one around then 15 minutes later 3 boats come down the river and form a box around them. The guide told them their was plenty of water else where they didnt need to crowd them.. No one listened so the guide cut off a lure on one of his polls and started casting lead sinkers into their boats until they left..
  8. sharpshooter223 Member

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    see, maybe we should do something like what pirates did and when somebody in a boat does something like that, board their boat and beat them up.
  9. Speydee New Member

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    I was fishing a nice section of the middle fork Snoq several years back when 4 kayakers came through one after the other to put in right where I was standing and 2 of them proceeded to do eskimo flips in the sweet spot I was fishing!

    Last year a friend and I were fishing on the Sky in Monroe when two morons on jet skis decided to show off in front of us several feet from where we were casting. My friend yelled at them out of frustration and one of them yelled back "I want to watch that chick fish!" and after ravaging the water for several more minutes they sped off. Couple of numb-nuts.
  10. buckwheat1 New Member

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    years ago i was fishing the russian at the confluence of the kenia. combat fishing they call it. normally i walk up the russian where there isnt very many people. this day i decided to try my luck at the combat thing. it was fun for a while, i was fishing next to a couple guys from australia. funny dudes. as the day went on people were leaving and i kept moving down river as spots opened up. once i got down a ways i figured out why people were leaving. i found my self next to the rudest a-hole i have ever fished next to. he was fishing like he was starving every fish had to go into his basket. the funny thing is he couldnt land a fish. he was so impatient he couldnt wait for the person next to him to pull there line out of the way. he would cast on it every time. after about an hour of undoing tangles i finally had enough and tried to explain to him how to wait for my line to be past me before he casts that way we wouldnt get tangled. he came back with a smart a** comment. i told him if he casts on my line one more time i was going to shuv that rod of his and all his tackle up his a**. after that we fished together like a couple of buddies. after about an hour he had a fish break off and went to the beach to tie up. in the process of setting the hook on a fish i missed it, jerked my line out of the water and behind me. i didnt want it to get tangled in the bushes behind me so i pulled it back but it was to late it was stuck on something. when i turned around my line was wrapped around the guys head about four times with my fly stuck in his cheak. all i could say to the guy was "did you learn any thing". he packed up and left. after that fishing was peacefull again.
  11. Josh dead in the water

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    That's what one gets for fishing down at the hatchery down by the mouth of whatcom creek. You couldn't pay me to deal with those jackholes. Bunch of angry jerks snag fishing and yelling at each other.

    I fish to have fun, not to get angry. If I wanted to get angry, I'd work at a job where I had to commute every day.
  12. Bob Martin Member

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    Years ago I was steelhead fishing in the Sammamish Slough, which by the way was a fair-to-middling stream for metalheads in the 60's. I caught and kept a nice bright 12 lb. hen and carefully placed it in the short grass on the bank and continued to fish on upstream. I caught another slightly smaller than the first and decided to released it. Quiting for the day, I walked back downstream to retrieve my first steelhead only to find it missing. I hollered to a fisherman across the river and asked him if he saw what happened to my fish. He yelled back that he saw my buddy pick it up and take it to his car. I told him I was fishing alone. He said, "Well I'll be damned! I never heard of that happening before.
    " Damn," I muttered, "neither have I."

    I have always hoped that the thief who ripped off my steelhead, used it to feed his starving family.
  13. Tylerflies New Member

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    I was fishing on the Vedder in BC in a small backeddy that was ringe with brush all the way around it so there is only a ten foot slot to stand. I was fishing alone for a couple hours when three guys come down and start fishing right next to me, a few feet away in the same standing section like it was a normal thing to do. In fact, on that river I imagine it is because on weekends the whole damn thing if filled with fisherman by 10:00am. The guys were really nice so I just chatted with them and left, since I had hooked a few fish in the hole. That stuff does make you a bit more agressive for getting and holding spots, as well as wonder what circus monkeys taught these people to fish.

  14. Tim Lockhart Working late at The Office

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    Best you can hope for. Unfortunately, he likely used it to feed his starving ego.
  15. Stephen Rice Senior Member

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    I had a couple of douche bags come right up next to me on the kalama with cheap fly rods (because it was fly only at that time) and started whipping around the rods like they were trying to kill bugs and slashing the water and one finally one of the snagged an ole beat chinook and dragged it in and believe it or not kept it gross. I looked at them and just said your kidding right? they looked at me like I was from the moon. I just left after that, disgusted at the whole site.
  16. TC I live with wind knots

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    I was an a-hole not long ago. Ipulled up to a spot and for about 20 minutes,watched as a guy fished . He had left a couple of his kids in the car in the parking lot who kept getting out of the car and aksing thier dad if they could come down and at least watch him. All he would say is "GET BACK IN THE CAR" and then cast some more. I thought that SUCKED!!!!! Make your kids sit in a car with nothing to do, while you take in the river and have a jolly good time. So I get my gear, walk down about 10 feet below him and start fishing. He gave a crappy look and said "you're a bit close" I retorted that if he wanted to bring his kids down to fish, I would gladly move down. He left. So I was the a-hole, and I guess I just assumed he was an a-hole and I don't know his side of the story. I just figured, If'n you're gonna bring your kids, let em fish.
  17. Mark Bové Chasin tail

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    Oh Oh I got a good One!!!

    This one time a fat kid that I was fishing near was casting over my line while I was fishing to these rising cutties. I was a lil pissed, so I said u are a bastard and walked away.

    And this one time... at the fly hole. I had a guy threaten to kill me, so my dear friend threw many large rocks in his general direction. I hate people who fish running line and pencil lead.

    And this one time in BC I got low holed by a guy in a raft... So my boy Ed chewed his ass out the next day when he came to apologize... Ed is my hero.

    Funny thread
  18. Jim Reed member

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    Myself and a buddy floated the Cowlitz from Blue creek to Massey Bar in our pontoons. It seemed every small dicked jet sled owner made it there mission to buzz us as close as they could no matter where on the river we were. I won't be fishing that shit hole anytime soon
  19. obiwankanobi Active Member

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    One time I was flyfishing at this state park in southern Idaho. I had to take a leak and so rather than being obnoxious around everyone else and just hanging it all out and going next to a bush, I took the liberty to go up to the communial bathroom. I went to the "low urinal" since the other one was being used by an older gentleman. In the process of scooting down my waders and proceeding further, a wading boot from the next urinal nudges my right foot. I thought "What the hell is going on!!" I mentioned something to the gentleman and he apologized and we swapped some Trico patterns and he turned out to be a nice guy. That was 4 years ago and I don't know what he is doing these days...
  20. GATOR9 Hey you guys

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    Sounds like you may have ran into Senator Craig, Idaho, stall, foot, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Good thing you got out of there.