Your Best Fishing Experience: 2000-2009

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    May 18, 2004
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    Great thread! Here are the highlights of the last decade.
    2000-2002: Got serious about fly fishing. Started reading/posting on, bought a Water Master and a Sage SP 5 weight. Started camping in the desert and fishing Rocky Ford, the basin lakes, Pass Lake, Lone Lake. Bought an 8 weight and a multi-tip line and read about steelhead. Hired a guide who put my buddy on a huge fish from the Hoh (Thanks Mr. Triggs!). Caught three winter fish from S rivers on my own.
    2003-2005: Spent most of a summer on Kodiak Island. Caught Dollies off the beach. Sockeye and dollies in the Pasagshak and Buskin. Moved to Laramie, WY for grad school, which did help me out professionally, but spent most of my time learning to catch trout. Overnight floats on the North Platte. Streamer fishing. Hiking and camping on N. Platte trib streams. Carpin’ in the sagebrush reservoirs. Started tying. Got broken off regularly by trout in the high plains lakes of WY and CO while fishing 2x tippets. A two week trip to Baja with my then girlfriend, now wife.
    2006: “The only thing worse than job hunting is getting a job”. Got married and returned to Pugetropolis for work. Used my first vacation to return to Laramie and my old haunts did not disappoint.
    2007: Moved to Spokane. Started to appreciate the chironomid. Made a work trip to ID Falls and floated the S. Fork Snake in September.
    2008: 5 days in the Dillon, MT area. Beaverhead and Clark Canyon. Explored the lakes of Spokane County. Learned to love the chironomid. Explored a bit of the Upper C.
    2009: Moved to Ellensburg. Carpin’ on the Columbia. Got a few days of trout fishing on the basin lakes. Spent 5 days at Henry’s Lake, ID catching Yellowstone Cutts, hybrids, and brookies.

    Ellensburg is a pretty nice backyard to have. I look forward to exploring this spring.
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    Hard to not love retirement in 2002 at age 53 and fly fishing my heart out at times. Discovering new streams to fish and places to go. The best thing, to name only one, is meeting some strangers at their campfire on an Idaho stream in 2003. Tim, Joe, and Willy have become very good friends and I have fly fished together with them every Fall in Idaho since. They shared with me many of their favorite runs and pools that they even had names for. What a great friendship this has turned into. Lots of wine and good times by the riverside. I can't even begin to say all the great trout fishing (and some salmon fishing also) I have enjoyed this decade, but it's been great. My advice to anyone thinking about retirement... DON'T HESITATE! You can figure it out! I will admit, I have had a few "part-time" jobs at no more than 2-3 days a week, so it all works out. Good fishing everyone for the next decade! Now go retire!!!

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