Your best/unusual worm pattern

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Loopy, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. As it says in the title I am looking for your best/most unusual worm pattern. If you can. Cheers.

  2. I tied this one a while ago, it was one piece of red UTC wire with another piece wrapped around it like a guitar string. It didn't catch any fish, but I only had it on for about 10 casts.

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  3. How's this for unusual?

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  4. What do you call that? The worm orgy? :thumb:
  5. Garden Hackle?
  6. I dig the steelhead worm
    not the best picture but you get the idea... Pink Beadhead, pink chenille some egg veil...
  7. Pat M & NR they look great.

    I am running a swap in the UK on one of the boards and I think that one or two of the guys need a bit of inspiration.

    I'll point them in this direction if that is ok.

    Me I am tying (if that is the adjective?) the pink job with a pink cone!

    Thanks again

  8. It was more of a joke for a swap boss as a bonus fly. Its not anything fished. LOL
  9. I've fished these pink bunny worms a lot for winter fish. Done pretty well on a certain river. Bitch to tie up.

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  10. YO Loopy! I'd completely forgotten you posted 'over here.' One 'fly' that I found to be deadly on the Russian River in Nor. Cal. was a bead head (usually copper) and the body was wound red Amnesia running line (around the hook). Just leave a 'inch' off the back end to swing/swirl in the current and a good to go.

    A bit of a take off of the San Juan Worm?

  11. Hi Fred

    The guys here are very helpful and it is always nice to refer the odd question.

    Do you tie yourself?

    I can't really imagine with all the boards you visit!

  12. That is a pretty cool pattern. Mine I am doing is similar in colour and length but that is about it!

    Terrific tie.
  13. Tie I do, usually during the winter months, when the days are short, cold, and I'm not interested in what's on the telly. Actually have three complete tie sets: one up stairs in my office, one in the motor home and another on a 'tv dinner' stand that I set up and 'tie a few' while watching a DVD movie.

    Do follow several boards (4 in the UK) but really only post (with frequency) on a few.

  14. I haven't done this yet, but I am thinking about a multi-section tube version of a worm. You could vary the length. Any number of short sections of tube with beads in between them. Mix and match colors, even. You could cut the ends of the tubes at angles, so they would stack up against each other in zigzag. Change up from a weighted to an unweighted head.

    You might end up with so many tube sections that you would have to carry them around in a can.
  15. Fred

    Keep an eye out on CF and if you are tempted in jumping into a swap please do so with my/our pleasure. We can always extend dates and that sort of thing. I think the next one is Muddlers!


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