your dream set-up?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by luckybalbowa, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Coach Duff

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    Lets see, I just picked up a mint spool for a Marquis 1 for 40 bucks, a golden Featherweight with spool mint for 90 bucks and got my Bougle Mark V 4 inch brand new on e-bay for 310 bucks. Good luck isn't needed, but like I said earlier, beating the bushes, finding ebay auctions that end at 4 in the morning, checking on the Hardy folks on Vancouver Island and the fifty million other ways to find a deal on a Hardy if explored often will result in some great deals. If I listened to folks like you I wouldn't own 8 of them from LHW Perfects with spools, Golden St. Aiden, St. John to (whatever you like) and got them all in new condition for great prices. It can be done.;) I will agree with you on the Kineya reels, I own a 301B and spool and its a great little reel.
  2. Hal Eckert

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    I have been using the MR-9 on my Torridge, nice rod it is.

    It must of been those old reel advertizements that got every one thinking they needed a strong disc drag , such as "strong enough to stop a train" etc we say over the years. Not needed for steelhead for musky yes, based upon my epic encounter with A Big Esox 12 years ago. Strongest fish I ever had on 40-50 lb fish we beleive, my 40 lb test line and strong drag were no match, but what a strugghle it was.bawling:

    :thumb: :beer1:


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    Your picture made it on the Kineya website!

  4. Coach Duff

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    Thanks Big T. Duff
  5. Salmon Chaser

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    Salmo G.
    I can relate on this side of the continent for Salar. Rarely have i had a fish break 50yds,,,, but ohhhh each one of those 50yds were hair-raising,, or white-knuckled,,, or bruised-knuckled:beer2: :cool: :beer2:
    As most of us know,, it's all about the click-pawl and the "connection" with the fish. I recently entered a thread about just such a topic and the guy was adament about drag and fine tuning and too much will lose the fish and not enough will lose the fish so you really need a ttrain stopping disc to calibrate to perfection in order to stop a 9"rainbow kind of thread:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    Iuse a 3 5/8" LHW perfect for trout and light salmon and larger hardy's for salmon. oh yeah,, I have the Marquis #2 on a T&T 1409 that equals one of my dream set-ups!!!:cool:
    Good night lads,, and can we all say click pawl, click pawl, click pawl!!
    Salmon Chaser
  6. Will Atlas

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    can someone post a link to Duffs fish and the Kineya. Also, how much do those reels run price wise?
  7. Coach Duff

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    By the way boys, I tried to input all kinds of stuff for my 40-50 yard average. Length of line out when hooked, fast vs slow water, cold vs warm water, winter vs summer, ect ect ect ect. What I meant or what the average is when you hook a steelehead after the first run, after all of the factors above have been figured in, (and many more) the fish is usually and i mean usually 40-50 yards away from the casting point. I have a tendancy to blow through my responses and the interpretation usually suffers. My fault. Will PM me. (You know Will (Cascade Killer) played for me in High School a few years back. Not alot of talent, but the heart of a lion and tougher than woodpecker lips. You remember those guys for ever. God I miss coaching High School Football. The Wills (Cascade Killers) of the world make coaching special. Love ya Will!) Coach Duff

    Oh and Inland, I love your BS comments about click and pawl reels. Pure BS. I guess if your are right, than those 50-75 year old Hardy's that people are still using for Atlantics and Steelhead are "figments of imaginations huh?" I know a guy who has fished the same St. John on the Humber in New Foundland for 27 years. Those Atlantics go above 40 pounds in that river and do "run" 200-350 yards due to current and size of fish. I guess it should have blown up by now shouldn't it? And lastly, Inland if the average "run" for a steelhead is 20 yards and we average a fish every 15-20 hours if we are good, how the hell are we going to wear out a click and pawl Hardy if it is taken care of in any short amount of time? The reason people want drag is that the industry has convinced people they need it and they don't catch enought steelhead to see the hype in it. Don't take this the wrong way but the steelhead (which I love most of all and always will) is the most over-rated gamefish in the world.;)
  8. Will Atlas

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    hopefully I'm better at steelhead fishing than strong safety ;)! I like to think this is the sport I was actually made for.
  9. inland

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    I'm not quite sure how and what you read into my post...maybe one eye was in the playbook. However, suffice it to say, I am a Hardy fan and put them to good use. I didn't say Hardy has had it figured out for a hundred years meaning they wear out in a week. It means they work. If these spring and pawl reels were popular enough beyond a handful of salmon and steelhead fishers then methinks the number readily available would be increasing instead of shrinking. Even Hardy has cut their salmon sized springnpawls back to one model in one size.

    If you want big salmon fish the Matapedia for relative cheap during the first three weeks of June. Enough public water to move around and not get too backed up in the productive pools. Humber is a grilse river. Yes there are large salmon available...but it's still a grilse river. If you want a treat of treats put in the annual draw for the Grand Cascapedia...get real lucky and draw out for 3 days of choice. Sometime in the third week of June. Make sure you get the Forks to Berry Mountain stretch. Promise the Humber won't even cross your mind while fishing over the largest average salmon in N. America. An honest 25#'s that time of year. Your best bet at cracking 40 in NA. Plus the river is as beautiful as it gets.

    Fish on,

  10. Coach Duff

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    Now that sounds like a lottery worth playing.:beer2:
  11. Red Shed

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    Anyone that thinks Inland doesn't like click and pawl reels or thinks that he thinks they don't last knows nothing about him.

    As to my dream setup, it is the one going out the door with a happy customer.
  12. Brent Comer

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    C'mon Poppy, tell us about your dream setup.

  13. Panhandle

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    Thanks Poppy, I got the Snowbee. I'll test drive it over the weekend and get it back.
  14. Red Shed

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    I just did, in the post above.
  15. Coach Duff

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    I never said I know anything about Inland. Thats the trouble with the internet. I am one of those people whose writing sounds alot more blunt and black and white than my thought process. Sometimes I care enough to clarify myself like right now Poppy, and sometimes I could care less. Inland knows what he's talking about and knows I agree with him more often than not. Coach
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    Someone above somewhere mentioned click and pawl reels. Doesn't matter. But anyway, on several of my single handers I have used the old, like from the mid 80's old, S.A. System reels, both the 456's and the 789's. Those reels are still working perfectly. Many of the 789's began their life on hot Wenatchee steelhead amongst others and still work, then and now. You can drop them in the sand, stomp on em ,drop em off cliff's and land a brace of fish and they still work. They are late decendants of the Hardy System reels, some of which I have and they still work fine and sound oh so fiiine on a running rish. I have had issues with several higher $$ reels over the seasons but not those old pawl drag SA's..

    Dream setup some darn day ; McNeese/Burkie 9143-4
    4" Bougle, Rio Skagit
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    I would like to ask why no T-N-T's
  18. Will Atlas

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    dude that was outlawed in like 1930.:rofl:
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    mmm I love the Marquis, the song