Your excuse for not fishing today?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Irafly, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Mine is taking care of the two kids while my wife works. What's yours?
  2. I mostly fish during the week so I can avoid the mayhem. I did fish the jetty yesterday and the river I drive by was an absolute zoo.
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  3. The hawks game!!! But it's worth it!!!
  4. Fished yesterday, and fishing tomorrow. I know. Lame.
  5. Wanted to sleep a little. Hawks game. Little league football banquet. I fish too much anyway:)

  6. Impossible. But good on you for trying :)
  7. Had knee surgery on Wednesday. Otherwise, I'd on the water. That would also explain my excessive posting over the past few days.
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  8. Working 7 10-hour days/week. Ain't had time to shit, let alone fish or chase pheasants. Hank isn't talking to me, I'm sleep-deprived & cranky, but all of the OT bumps my retirement wages a significant amount. I'll fish & hunt next year to my heart's content.
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  9. None, I just got off the water!

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  10. I stepped on a ray last week. Put the hurting's to my foot. A few more days and it will be healed up.
  11. Just sitting around waiting for this thread. Who needs to fish when we can just sit on our asses and dribble about mindless subjects...some of which actually involve the sport :p.
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  12. Wife is studying today, as usual. I got my ladies and their 2 best friends.

    I have a couple of days coming over Thanksgiving.

    Go Sox,
  13. I'm at Disneyland for a long weekend with my family. Taking a break right now before round two of rides!
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  14. a person can go a day without fishing?
  15. Laziness. And not wanting to deal with weekend crowds. Ill be out in the morning.
  16. A revision of a total knee replacement 10 days ago. It will be a while before I can wonder around in The Yakima again.

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  17. Hit the archery range this morning!! Gotta mix it up!!

  18. The big sand box across the ocean :), missing the fishing back in WA so bad that I started to dream about fishing.
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  19. Are you a Inside wireman??
  20. Just got home from the local float. The coho didn't have as much fun as we did.
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