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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by chrome/22, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. chrome/22

    chrome/22 For him there whould always be the riddle of steel

    I'm new to this game, I went with the Airflow 40+ Coldwater/Salt line w/ the clear shooting head that sinks @ 1.5" per sec. It's a 8 weight line, for my fast action 7 weight. Went 1 line over for more distance......Good choice or..??

    What line do you like??

  2. D3Smartie

    D3Smartie Active Member

    with the 40+ you shouldnt have to overline the rod. That line is more of a line and a half type line.
    I use rio outbound floaters 95% of the time. Always want to be able to fish poppers.
  3. I like fishing a slow sinking line or intermediate... always carry a floater though!
  4. Denny

    Denny Active Member

    Where did you get the information that the 40+ is a line and a half? I'm not sure what that means, but I think you mean that it is a 1/2 line weight heavier than its rating . . .

    With shooting heads, it's generally accepted to go up at least one line weight category, if not two line weights (particularly for fast action rods). If the 40+ is a 1/2 line weight heavier than its rating, then it wouldn't be unheard of at all to upline by one. I have the 40+ in a couple of line weights, and I am considering uplining one line weight on certain of my rods to get the line to shoot better . . .

    The 40+ and the Outbound are similar but different lines. Both are integrated shooting head lines. I find the running line on the Outbound is much thinner than on the 40+ and, although I haven't measured them on a scale, it seems the equivalent Outbound head may be a little heavier than the 40+; either one of these items allows the Outbound to 'shoot' better than the 40+.

    The upside to the thicker running line of the 40+ is that it is easier to handle (i.e. stripping in). The (relatively) thicker running line (at least in the intermediate head and floating heads) allows the 40+ to be cast more like a traditional fly lines, as well. In my opinion, the Outbound is a better shooting line, but I think the 40+ is a better 'handling' line. Kind of the classical debate of using Amnesia/mono type running line or fly line running line for shooting heads; one gets better distance, while the other is better handling. Ya picks your poison . . .
  5. Jay Allyn

    Jay Allyn The Poor-Student Fly Fisher

    I use a Rio Outbound WFF6. It seems to work out really well and matches up really well with a fast action rod. I am looking into getting a clear intermediate sinking line also though.
  6. chrome/22

    chrome/22 For him there whould always be the riddle of steel

    Thanks for ths info guys.

    I'm going to load-up my reel with the 40+ today, I'll let you know how it works on the 7 wt........:hmmm:

  7. Denny

    Denny Active Member

    If it's for beach fishing, you might want to stay in the Outbound family of lines; you'll get more distance than with a full standard WF intermediate line.
  8. Fish Hunter

    Fish Hunter Too many people, not enough fish

    Floater, it's all you need.
  9. Les Johnson

    Les Johnson Les Johnson

    I use a Scientific Anglers Steelhead taper as a floating line and a Scientific Anglers Streamer Express (intermediate) for getting under just a bit to avoid the chop. For deep curving beaches like Lincoln Park I use an original Teeny line which will reach down for those chinooks. I have all of these in 6, 7, and 8-weights.
  10. Only On A Fly

    Only On A Fly Active Member

    Agree w/the above post about S.A. Streamer Express Clear Tip.:thumb:
  11. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    iagree with the SA-SH taper :thumb:....a cheaper anbd fairly effective line is the SA Ultra 2 Lines ..Floater and ST ...I have caught a fair share on the Ultra 2 Orange 85 floating footer...these are decent lines...and can be had for under 30 Bones :thumb: