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  1. Wondering what type of fish you guys love to catch ?
    I´ve been reading posts that include species that do not exist in my part of the world so I would like to know.
    Personally I love fighting Ice-Age Trout, fighters until the end, just love´m !
  2. I don't know if you can beat fishing the salmonfly hatch on the Big Hole. :thumb:
  3. Carp and Steelhead about equal.
  4. Any fish I have to stalk. Steelhead,Trout, Bass what ever I love it when they eat the fly !!
  5. Coho salmon for Saltwater
    Wild Cutthrout for fresh water
    Even though not native I love to catch Brown trout as well.
  6. Not to mention Arctic-Char on my LOOP Grey line #4.
  7. steelhead.
  8. Striped bass in the salt, and steelhead in freshwater.
  9. whatever is in the water that's willing to take a fly.
  10. Carp are nasty.......
    I rather catch a bullhead
  11. It's hard to beat monster white fish on the madison that barrels out into the current and starts making you arm wrestle it, LOL I love that river and the 50 plus fish days it offers
  12. Even though the Rogue River is noted for its steelhead runs (and I spend a LOT of time chasing these fellows) my vote would go to the fall king run. Quite something to be 'targeting' 5# steelhead and have a 30# king jump on your fly. Which, unlike the spring king run, they do with gusto!
  13. Coho salmon around the river mouths or in tide water.
  14. I'll have to agree with fredaevans, the Rogue's fall run kings are awesome on the fly. That and the salmonfly hatch up at the Holy Water is one not to be missed.

    steve s
  15. Wild Trout first because there such sluts when it comes to the fly. then Cutties, Browns and Dollies in that order.
  16. Dry Fly chums is probably the coolest thing that I have seen. Yes, Coho's are cool on top, but you don't get the numbers on the top like your do with chums. I broke the hook of one of my dries and got 7 takes through one drift. I just wanted to see how many were willing to take the fly. If your in the good spot, you can get a take every cast.
  17. Steelhead have to be number one for me. American shad on light tackle are a close second, though, even though they aren't native to the west coast. Some call them the poor man's steelhead, and not just for their shiny appearance.
  18. It has to be bonefish, stripers off the coast of Maine, smallmouth bass and Taimen in Russia
  19. I love catching all fish. But I really enjoy catching Brookies on the fly. I guess its because they arn't all that common around here and there is a couple places in the Okanogan where they are somewhat plentiful and fun to catch, and I just like the way they look.
  20. for me its a cutthroat trout!
    on a griggs:)

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