Your favorite eating fish

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  1. Mine is smoked salmon, followed by wolf eel dredged in flour and then fried in butter. Just set out my line, Daryle
  2. King salmon caught in the winter in the SAn Juans. The neighbor catches them. Occasionally he'll throw mw a fillet.
  3. Tied for first place.......
    Ling Cod and Black Rock Fish!

    Second place......
    Pacific Halibut.

    Third place...
    Silver Salmon.

    You're kidding me, you eat those things?

  4. Ocean bright coho, soy ginger glaze.
  5. Hamachi (yellowtail) filleted and then cut into cubes and eaten raw with soy and wasabi and washed down with a Pacifico.
  6. Rainbow trout, salmon, and sole, all equally.
  7. Feta crusted cedar planked salmon

    Take a cedar plank and soak it in water for 45 minutes, submerged. Then make a marinade with olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon, dill, and chives. Put the fresh King salmon fillet big and thick and toss the bag around and throw it in the fridge. Pull it out every hour or so and re-destribute the maranaide all around the fillet. Let it soak all day. Pull it out 30 minutes prior to grilling. Just before that pull out a good amount of good feta cheese and mix it with just enough fresh dill (not much) and a little olive oil to make a thick paste. That night pull out the Weber, and get a nice hot grill going. Put the cedar plank on the grill and give it about 8 minutes until it is smoking hard with the lid on. Spread the feta crust on the salmon fillet about half to three quarters of an thick all over the top. Open the lid, put the salmon fillet on the cedar plank and let it cook with the lid on for about 25 minutes or (ten minutes to the inch is the rule, but I wing it) until ready. The moisture in the plank gives you a little fudge factor here and will keep it moist. You want that feta crust to be nice and brown. Pull the salmon off and serve it with a nice Pinot Gris from Oregon, a Pinot Noir or a German Riesling. I like beer myself, but the Mrs. is a wine lover. Enjoy:beer2: Coach
  8. A mess of yellow perch, filleted that morning, rolled in cornmeal, Johnnys seasoning salt, and a vat of hot oil!

    Washed down with a Molsen and my moms potato salad.
  9. I'll go with Jon's list, but will add bacon wrapped albacore to the 1st tie players.
  10. Blackmouth, Lingcod and Halibut are my favorites by far.
  11. King oscar brisling sardines, two layer, straight out of the can, with a little pepper. A close runner up, King Oscar kippered fish snacks.
  12. I enjoyed this one also.

  13. Smoked Salmon with cream cheese and butter crackers - yummy snack!

    Grilled swordfish steak, with green salad, and a very cold glass of wine...

    Recently - potatoe crusted flounder with butter herb sauce...

    Smoked Sturgeon...
  14. Seared albacore.
    Lemon, pepper, sesame, wasabi........Anil when are we going again??? :p
  15. Beer battered fresh Sturgeon deep fried, Spring Silver Salmon, rapped in tin foil with butter and lemons and baked in the oven. Washed down with a good bottle of Wine. VM.
  16. I don't eat fish, I catch and RELEASE.

    In all seriousness, I don't eat fish. In my opinion, I'd rather snack and a giant piece of poo than eat any type of fish....I don't care how much bacon or lemon you put on it. Don't give me that " just haven't had it like I make it" speech.

    I was forced to eat SALMON PATTIES as a kid and to this day I can still smell it. Again, smells like poo

    Sorry to bring the post down. Just trying to make friends and influence people.

    All this talk about poo....I'll be right back


  17. Ill have to say halibut since thats the only fish i eat.
  18. Planked Salmon I've done several times but THAT'S a new one on me ..... cut and paste to my cook book time!:thumb:
  19. 1. Fresh Salmon smothered with mayo, topped with onions, lemon, salt and pepper.

    2. Baked halibut recipe,
    Take a baking dish and coat the bottom with an inch of artichoke jalapeno dip and then add a fillet of halibut, top the dish off with 2 more inches of the artichoke jalapeno dip and add Parmesan. Cook till the pramesan is brown. It's the shit!

  20. Has anyone on here tried frying crappie fillets? I don't really like killing trout anymore, even in very trout-rich environments I just appreciate them as an animal too much to kill one while it looks me in the eyes. Crappie, no problem. And they taste just amazing.

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