Your favorite stillwater sink-tip line is......? ...and why?

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  1. I know we have covered this subject in the past but I need some fresh information and direction. I don't own a quality modern sink-tip and have rarely used any sink-tip but some of the guys I have fished with have been very successful with them. Additionally my wife and Chief Financial Officer has more than doubled my fishing allotment for 2010 and the money is just burning a hole in my pocket.

    So, what is your favorite, why do you prefer it and what situations do you find yourself using it in as opposed to a full sink line?

    I have full sinks in Type II, III, IV, VI and intermediate but find that I mostly use the VI, IV and intermediate and leave the others in their cases. I'm hoping a new sink tip will fill in those gaps and maybe simplify line selection.

    .....and the winner is?

  2. split shot on normal line!
  3. Ive, I have a S.A. sink tip line now that I use it is a type2 I believe. I use it in shalloow flats like the north end of big twin where the water is only 1 foot or so . it's great for tossing leeches into the shallows. But like you said I tend to use my faster full sinks more than the sink tip. Jim
  4. I've always considered sink tip lines as a compromise in lakes. By that I mean that sink tip lines are great for rivers and do the job of a type 2 or 3 in lakes but not as well as a full sink line. However, if you're on a budget a sink tip line can pull double duty in rivers and lakes.
  5. My favorite is Depth Charge 250 grain with Type II real close.
    I like the DC cause it sinks very fast, but it is also 30' of grain weight followed by 70 feet of Intermediate. I love the way it retrieves and it
    flat out works great for me. I have a type VII but the DC works better.
    Type II is just a great all around sinker. Perfect for shallower lakes, but Intermediate works better on calm days.
  6. Ive-

    I recently attended Denny Rickards stillwater presentation at the Sportman's Show in Redmond, OR. Although he comes across as a pretentious SOB, the guy seems to know his stuff. He mentioned two different sink tips, one was a 7' clear camo tip for fishing the top two feet of water, and a 10' type 2 for fishing 6-12 feet. The 7' tip he explained was for fishing a nymph/pupae when fish are feeding just under the surface showing dorsals and tails.

    The 10' sink tip he explains is for fishing either emergers up through the water column or getting to fish holding in less than twelve feet of water. He explained that the sinking portion stays parallel to the depth you start to retrieve at and can stay in the zone longer.

    I haven't fished with either of these lines and I tend to use either my intermediate or type VI, but these are some that I may start with if I were to get a sink tip. You could check out his website for a little better explanation.

  7. Jarron, I agree with you on Denny-he does know his stuff and yes-he is pretentious. Fish with him for a day and you will be wishing for a mute button early on!

    The clear tip intermediate at around 7' sounds like what I am looking for. With 5' of fluorocarbon tippet it should cast well and be very easy to retrieve. In shallow water with a lot of damsel activity that line should be dynamite. I know of just such a lake that I will be fishing next month that has legendary damsel hatches.

    The 10' sink tip that covers water down to about 12' should be easily covered by my full sink lines but that right at the surface film stuff has been hard to deal with even using an intermediate clear camo. SA makes a wet tip clear-intermediate in a WF5F/S that should work well on 4wt thru 6wt rods. I think I'll order one up for fishing the weed beds.

    Thanks, Ive
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  8. If that is the case, why not buy one of these:

    Sounds like they will do the same thing without shelling out big bucks.

    A little story about Denny. I love the guy and he is the master in my eyes. Last year while at Henry's I was told he was there. I missed him and here is why.

    We were hammering the fish on a Type III "WET CELL" and using Denny's Olive and Burnt Orange Seal Bugger. Just Hammering them and a couple of big break offs.
    But, Denny nothing, so he went to Sheridan.....some one should have told him to use his own fly...LOL
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  9. Ive-

    That is one of the things Denny pointed out about these lines, the pickup and retrieve is super smooth. He says he is only retrieving 4-5 feet when fishing damsels towards the tullies, makes pick-up a lot easier with a sink tip as opposed to a full sinker. I think you are right on with the subsurface/film feeding. I too have had trouble with my intermmediate and floating to get this dialed in, that line sounds like the right fit. Let me know what you think as I too am interested in picking up this line.

    I too give high praises to Denny, I have a couple of his books and fish with a lot of his flies, they sure do work and I have become a better stillwater fisherman thanks to his books and tactics. I would like him a whole lot better if he just wasn't so damn cocky. :)

    Blue- You living in SLC? I did my graduate work at the University of Utah, just finished last year. The berry should be warming up in about a month:).


  10. You bet, so come on back and we'll break ice together!
  11. Re: Denny.... it ain't braggin' if you can back it up, and Denny can.

  12. Amen to that. I remember buying the Intermediate Camo from him at a convention. He took me aside and showed me
    His new leech pattern. I tied some up and HTG my first cast landed a 24".
    And his other patterns are unbelievable!
    Just got his newest book all signed and on the collector shelf.

  13. His new book is awesome and I don't give a damn what he comes across like. This guy catches big fish. Period. I love the 7 ft camo sink tip. Try it and you will be suprised at its effectiveness.
  14. Yes I agree with all above statements in that Denny is the man, a guru who backs up his smack and catches big fish. I was only pointing out that in the midst of his greatness he did exude a little of a "if you don't fish my flies with my lines that you don't know shit" type attitude. I also was amused at his take on chiros in that anybody who fishes these needs to be taken out to the woodshed and taught a lesson, which would be most of us.

    As stated in my previous post, I have a couple of his books and fish with a lot of his flies. I have become/am becoming a much better stillwater fisherperson thanks to Denny's techniques.

    Anyways, Denny is the man who backs it up by catching big fish. Oh yeah, who is also came across as somewhat of a prick :). Even my wife who is a non-fisherperson commented as his presentation "that guy sure comes across as an a-hole."

    Anyways, tight lines to everyone, including Denny.

    Blue- Da' Berry was one of the first places I began actually catching fish on sinking lines and Denny's flies, I really cut my teeth there as a stillwater fanatic. Mostly Mud Bay and Renegade, some really nice fish thanks to a stillwater nymph.

  15. I like a IV or V sink tip. I want to get down and fairly quick. I have some friends who shorten their sink tips and carry five ft. sink tip, 10 ft. sink tip and a 15 ft sink tip. That way they can vary their depth. I don't do it because I don't like carry around all those extra spools, and the accountant would probably shoot me. But I think the concept is good.
  16. I've been using the rio midge tip this year and have had lots of success fishing scuds in the shallows with it. like it better than the the full sink lines as it's great to cast and easy to pick up. Like it better than the floating lines as I have better contact with the fly.
  17. Bloom-

    What's the length on the sinking portion and the sink rate on the midge tip?

  18. 1 m (or 39'' for you yanks) for the sink tip, and the rate is intermediate Aqualux tip.

    Midge Tip
  19. Sink tips are for rivers. I use a Rio Type 4 full sink most of the time. The presentation is much more effective than using a sink tip. I also use a Rio clear Intermediate sinking line for fishing Damsel Nypmhs. Again the presentation is much more effective than using a sink tip or a floating line. As soon as I changed my thinking and switched to full sink lines I started enjoying significantly improved success. Also when I use a full sink line I have discovered that un weighted flies have a better action than weighted flies. They are suspended in the water and apparently appear more natural. You should give it a try and report back.
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