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    My focus? Pick a season or a time of the year and you'll have my focus.

    Spring- Lake fishing. Rivers are closed (rightly so). The first time I heard of chronomid fishing I immediately flashed back to those rare but not forgotten worm and bobber days. Now I find that chronomid fishing is challenging and there is a lot to be doing to fish chronomids effectively.

    Summer- Lakes still but always the first two weeks of June spent hitting rivers again. Long days, with four to five miles of water covered hiking all the way and finding my car in the dark. Last summer I spent three days in a row walking the north fork of the Sky from where it is closed down to Index. Of course the flood that we had in November a lot of it so I guess I will have to do it again this year.:thumb:

    Late summer- Summer steelhead. Giant trout that act like trout and eat like a trout. Enough said.

    Fall- Tributaries. Sea run cutts, steelhead, giant ass bulls (or dollys) and more long hikes. Some lake fishing with large trout and baitfish patterns.

    Winter- Steelheading. Finally switched over to a spey this year, and while I cannot cast that well at least I can fish the damn thing. No more having to cast my eight weight single hand more than eighty feet with a six inch leech pattern thank god. Definitely get more into the "rythmn" of the river, life, etc at this time of year.

    My focus all depends on the time of year. I am still focused on trout and steelhead but am going to give bass a shot this year.

    I would say one of my biggest thrills is to hike up or down a river or creek and fish some not so well known places. You can truly find some larger trout, beautiful scenery, more wild life and sweet water. There are some places that I will hit once in the early summer and twice in the late fall for some great trout opportunities. I caught the same large bow at least six times in the last two years. I friggin love that fish. I guess its a good thing that fish don't know the opening day. I would probably go fishless.

    Eventually I know that I will gravitate into other species and the salt but I am finding alot of peace and fun in what I chase after now. Over the last year I got addicted to dry flies. I still use a ton of streamers, but I nymphing less and less now. I guess I really just found my way to use all three ways of fishing to their biggest advantage. There are alot of places where you can sneak in a dry that you can't nymph, and definitely sometimes where you can swing a streamer when you can't fish a dry. I am lucky that about the time I am ready for a change the season changes.
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    My focus was always fishing for trout in rivers... western rivers... being in the water... being in the moment... watching bugs come and go, fish move and feed,...blues skies, white clouds, hot sun, afternoon rain showers... the comaraderie of my fishing buddies. And I love trout. There are not many things in life that best watching a trout rise to your dry fly. I was a trout fisher for years. I lived in Colorado. The Roaring Fork, Frying Pan, and many small backcountry streams were my home waters.

    Now I find myself here is western Washington, with a complete lack of fishing focus, scratching my head and wondering where to fish, what to fish, how to fish. Questions: To Spey or not? Where are the Steelhead? Where are the SRC's? What's a black mouth? Fly patterns? Fishing partners?
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    Speaking of focus. You need to "focus" on your mailbox. It's so full, it won't accept any new PM's. :beathead:


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