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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Kenneth Yong, Apr 5, 2012.

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  2. I am in favor of being a "no-pin" zone. The idea that the people pinning are the copyright owners or that they're only posting CC-licensed images is a joke, and everyone knows it. That Pinterest thinks it's OK for them to start re-purposing the images when they no good and well the vast majority of them are going to be in violation of copyright is pretty lame.
  3. What really burns me is that Pinterest actually copies and stores pinned images, whether you know it or not. To quote Dr. Todd:

    "It has to do with copyright. For you see, Pinterest does NOT hotlink to an image off of an outside web site. It actually COPIES the images used in every pin over to the Pinterest servers. And not only does it copy it, but it searches for the highest resolution copy available and then copies THAT image over... Even when you delete your original images, as I did with several test photos, since Pinterest copies the images over to its own servers, their copy still exists. The problem with this is that Pinterest claims ownership of any and all images used on Pinterest web sites.. "

    Ever since I had several of my full-resolution photos "stolen" and used on another website, I have been very careful about never uploading photos in full-resolution, and I make sure always to remove all EXIF data so that I'm the only one that has all the details relating to an image.

  4. Good info Kenneth. Thanks for sharing. I think I will stay clear of pinterest.
  5. Both hot linking and copying are significant problems. Hot linking steals bandwidth and the courts have found that copying an image or graphic for retransmission constitutes "use". One cannot "use" assets without permission.

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