Your most important tool for fly fishing?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Warren Perry, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. For Stream fishing, I would say Poloroids. I don't consider them necessary for lake fishing but I don't do much lake fishing.
    For lake fishing I would say a net. I really like it as it allows me to get the fish in a lot quicker to release.
  2. Car, Detailed map, and nail clippers (my teeth are defective when it comes to biting tippet for some reason):beathead:
  3. a bottle opener.
  4. Booze or some other substance. :cool:
  5. Sunflower Seeds....can you catch fish without them?? :confused:
  6. Kent's got the idea, the most important tool is gray matter. the rest is just icing on the cake.
  7. Well said :) :) :)
  8. :rofl: don't forget a good piece of hickory for the Babe Ruth Wood Shampoo application !
  9. Lefty says it's sharp hooks. They should be able to stick in your nail without effort. I say 2 tall boys of Natural Ice. Good ol Natty Ice, It works every time. Is Colt45 still around?
  10. As a WSU alum, I would be remiss to omit Busch Light. But Jim Beam is also nice. But the ultimate piece of equipment is hope - particularly when the fishing is slow, I think that it is the unreasonable confidence that each cast will be the one that pays off.
  11. I was going to add that the most important part of your gear was your flies.
    But my flies don't work anymore. I think that they went on strike,poor working conditions. Always in the cold water by their lonesome,or out in the rain with no cover.

  12. Rod

    Just add water...
  13. :thumb: Hope does indeed spring eternal, especially early in the morning heading down the road with a third cup of hot coffee, a full belly and good fishing buddies. I can't imagine a more optimistic combination.

  14. flask
  15. Copenhagen. It satisfies.
  16. Yeah boy! That is the problem with me and drinking. I can't cope without my cope! :eek:
  17. so when we going fishing, Monk?
  18. sunday? I got trips tomorrow and monday, but I am pretty open. lemme know. PM me for my #
  19. Zen, You strap em across the hood of your car, like the "good ole boys" do with a deer. Then you drive up and down Main Street showing them off until they blow up like baloon.
  20. Don't be vulgar. Our generation shows more respect. We throw 'em in the back of the pick-up and let em slide 'round all the way home via a pit-stop at the tavern.

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