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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by BrianT, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    So here's my dilemma... My best friend is in town from Chicago, and we have one day to get out and fish. Unfortunately that one day is tomorrow. We had planned to go to Forks, but with this weather we're on the fence. I spoke to a fellow from Olympic Sporting Goods in Forks, and he felt that the Bogachiel could be fishable tomorrow. However, that's a long trek over for a 50-50 chance. We're still leaning toward going, but I'd love to get some thoughts from those with a bit more experience. Would we be any better off hitting the Sky or Skagit? Thanks WFF'ers!

  2. why not fish a lake?
  3. You might be able to fish skaget above rockport depends on what the cascade river is doing.Maybe you can get into some dollys.
  4. We could fish a lake, but the plan was to chase steelhead. Being that he traveled from Chicago, he only brought so much gear, and it's all geared toward steelhead.

    We may ending up checking out the upper Skagit, so I appreciate the input.

  5. Here is a link to some great <a href="">info</a>.
  6. I'd say chase some SRCs on local beaches. If the forecast for tomorrow is accurate the rivers will be rising, some fast. Course that depends on where you're at and how much rain falls in your area.
    Sorry Brian, tomorrow doesn't look so good. Get there early and you might have a decent day.
  7. I'd bee looking at the flows until you crashed tonight. Plan to get up early as hell tomorrow and make that trip. Will it be a wasted trip if the water is a bit higher than ideal? Won't the trip with your buddy be a good time regardless? The heaviest of the rainfall should happen after your outing so your one day to fish might be better than if it were Sunday or Monday.
  8. I'm not asking so much where the fish are but simply what may be fishable in these conditions. I'm pretty sure that the Bogachiel, Sky and Skagit are no secret. I'm just a little to new at this to know what the gauges may truly mean in each of these drainages. People on here get so worked up about sharing any info at all.
  9. Mumbles,

    Thanks for your opinion. We're gonna' go for it. If nothing else, it'll be fun hanging out with a good friend for the day. Thanks.

  10. Are you looking to fly fish or drift fish. The Bogachiel is fishable when you can see your boots when you are knee debt.

    Most of the time fisherman overcast the fish.. Try short lining and have fun........
  11. the skagit above rockport should be fishable. at least if you don't catch any fish you guys can see a few eagles.
  12. According to the gage, the Bogachiel is already too high for decent fly fishing.

    You might have a chance in the morning on the Skagit between Rockport and Marblemount.

    And I've read that the Sky is fishable - by some - up to 8,000 cfs, but I've never tried so can't say from personal experience.

    Good luck!


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