Your pick: Best 8 Weight under $500

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by chrome/22, Oct 24, 2009.

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    The advice of going to a shop that has a variety of 8 wt rods to test cast is right on. But remember gently casting on a soft lawn on a balmy day may be quite different than the casting conditions you'll face on the water. Practice casting in no wind on smooth grass I love the slow feel of classic cane. But it ain't the way I pound a river and slam weighted flies or lines around or stretch for that distant bone in the wind with the boat blowing away at some angle.
    We were crossing South Dakota with a tailwind blowing like we were in , well the Dakotas, and stopped at the Mitchell Cabelas. They let me take an armfull of 9' 8wts out in the wind. Of them all I did like the feel of the Sage but the high speed Cabela's cast further in the blow and cost half as much.
    My point here is ya gotta try 'em yerself and do it under conditions as close as possible to the conditions in which you fish, the way you fish.
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    A great lineup of rods (the St. Croix Elite) that are hugely under-recognized. Think made in America and the performance and quality of Sage XP at a lower price . . . ;)

    The TFO rods are super values, great performance for the buck. And they have arguably one of if not the best warranty service in the industry.

    Cabela's LST is a really good value, but in two years you know Cabela's won't have that model any more and won't have parts to fix it. You'll get some other replacement stick that you may not like . . .

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