Your (qualified) favorite August fishery

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by SpeySpaz, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. SpeySpaz

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    I have a friend who has fallen into a marvelous opportunity. He and his three kids have obtained a free 2 week rental of a big camper, and are contemplating a two week long fishing trip in August; they have asked me for advice about where to go. They can basically go anywhere they want in that time.
    While they aren't averse to flyfishing, it may be outside the younger kid's abilities, so fly-only water is out. On the other hand, he's a class act, so private water could be considered.

    I think if it was me, I'd consider the Deschutes in OR-big sassy redbands, potential for steel,
    Anybody have ideas?:beer2:
  2. Yellowstone, hands down. The kids will love it whether they catch fish or not.
  3. HauntedByWaters

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    A 6pack of PBR and a float on Lake Whatcom.
  4. montnative

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    Yellowstone is someplace every kid should go. Plus there is a plethora of rivers on the way there. If he is feeling really froggy, he could go though Glacier park on the way there, or back. The beauty of these parks are worth the trip even if you don't fish, but add it to the mix and it's one heck of a good time.:thumb:
  5. Jeff

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    I agree Yellowstone is tough to beat, but you might want to consider Yosemite too. Though I've never fished it, the Merced River is said to have wild Rainbows and Browns in an absolutely amazing setting.

  6. SpeySpaz

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    Great feedback! Anybody else?
    I also noted a string started today about Bumping Lake. That's a nice place too, but may require a boat to fish it well, huh?
  7. Okay. I have two weeks with the three kids and a free RV to go camping and fishing.

    H-m-m-m-m-m, Yellowstone? or Bumping Lake?

    How can I ever decide???
  8. SpeySpaz

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    point taken. touche!
  9. Itchy Dog

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    Gotta chime in with Yellowstone; sure, there's ample fishing opportunities in the park and en route, but realistically you can only fish with youngsters for so long each day. Yellowstone will offer unlimited other attractions between fishing opportunities.
  10. troutangler

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    Within an hour or two of Yellowstone there is also;
    Henry's Lake, Quake Lake, Hebgren Lake, The Big Hole, Ennis/Bozeman, Grand Teton/Jackson Hole, So. Fork of the Snake and about a hundred other good fishing/camping options.
    It is without a doubt the Trout Fishing Epicenter of the universe IMO!!!

    I love the Deschutes too, but it is no place for kids, especially in the heat of August.
  11. Porter

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    :thumb: YELLOWSTONE
  12. HauntedByWaters

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    As a little kid I remember Yellowstone being borring.

    As a 16 year old it was a blast.

    When I lived right next to it, it became home.


    Little kids won't really understand though, but they usually don't with natural wonders.
  13. SpeySpaz

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    wow, this is beginning to sound like a consensus.
    any outliers?
  14. Bryan Williamson

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    Yellowstone...there is no substitute!
  15. Bruce Davidson

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    I gotta go with Bumping, no, wait, maybe Yellowstone.
  16. BDD

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    Playing devil's advocate-

    Be prepared for lots of company. Our trip with the kids to Yellowstone in September, after Labor Day, was great but I still could not believe the amount of people. I can only imagine what it would be like in August.

    I have never been disappointed with BC for scenery, solitude, and fishing.

    That Bumping stuff was pretty funny guys. I'm still laughing.
  17. Ethan G.

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    I went to Yellowstone NP a few years back when I was still in the earlier stages of developing my fly fishing. Licences are FREE, at least they were for me 'cause I was, let's see...14. I went to a little stream with my dad and I found a pool full of rising fish, but I never hooked one. It was a bummer. But Yellowstone is a great place to be. A bit too urbanized by my standards for a NP, but oh well. The Yellowstone cutthroat eluded me.
  18. SpeySpaz

    SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

    which is why I want to stimulate some discussion of possibilities besides the obvious best. I could mention Argentina/Chile/Alaska...but let me suggest there's no need to exclude waters that AREN'T legendary. Remember, my friend just wants decent fishing in a beautiful peaceful place with his kids. Think low stress...and cut out the wisecracks please. :eek:
    I think my friend is looking for a fairly easy travel, low stress, and decent fishing for him and the kids. There's lot's of nice places closer than Yellowstone, though I think the "every kid needs to see it" point is well taken. Anybody do much Idaho fishing? Western Montana?
  19. Gary Thompson

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    My vote would be for Central Oregon. Way less crowded than Yellowstone. Not so far to drive.
    Maybe camp somewhere around Sun River, Fall river, or any one of a number of lakes in that area.
    Other attractions, Lava cast forest, there is a little zoo around there close (sorry I can't remember the name) but it's right off Hwy 97 just south of Bend
    Just my .02
  20. The St. joe, Lochsa, Seleway, N.F clearwater, Any of the forks of the Salmon. All much closer that Yellowstone awesome fishing not nearly as many people as Yellowstone and just as beautiful in my opinion. Thats my two cents. Good luck. :thumb: