Your (qualified) favorite August fishery

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  1. i would think about going up to the methow valley, tons of lakes/rivers/creeks, he could camp out at riverbend rv park in twisp which is right on the river. there is also tons of things to do up there that are not fishing related. and its really close.
  2. Yellowstone is always crowded but all you have to do is hike a few miles and it gets wild and hair raising with all the bear signs, and said bear signs tend to scare away most of the tourists.
  3. Sometimes the 'obvious' is also right. One doesn't have to fish the famous waters in Yellowstone. In fact, it is probably best not to with kids, since the famous waters are the most difficult in many cases. There are lots of places to fish there. Also, swinging south from Yellowstone through the Tetons makes just about as memorable vacation as three kids could want.

    The northern Idaho rivers are great, but rather secluded and less for kids to do/see, if they aren't into fishing only.

  4. Another option. How about a major OP loop trip. Since he'd have two weeks, they could really take your time. Lots of beaches, lakes and rivers to explore. The rainforest is an awesome place to camp. Fun hikes for the kids.
    Depending on which direction you started, you could hit the Canal and Puget Sound for coho and src. Steelhead, cutts and bows would also be available.
    Lake Quinault, Crecsent Lake, Hike the Hoh, Dungeness Spit, Hurricane Ridge, Beaches 1,2and 3. Lots of stuff to check out.
    Lastly, won't be to much of a killer gas bill if that factors into the plans.
  5. If you looking for low stress, few people and great fishing, and somewhat close to home, I'd agree with Tyler that you're hard pressed to beat the NF of the Clearwater, Kelly creek & Lochsa areas. They are beautiful and remote... well the Lochsa isn't remote, but still has it's charm.

  6. Yellowstone is a great place to visit....the scenery is awesome and the wildlife viewing can be great.

    But you got to think about August.

    1. Wildlife may be pretty sparce as its hot and they are going to be up high or deep in the timber, by and large.
    2. Fishing is going to be very difficult unless you really get off the beaten track. They don't call it the dog days of summer for nothing.
    3. Same with the fishing in the area. Tough conditions. Need to fish early or late. Although peak time for Hebgen for gulpers but that is no spot for kids. Tough to say the least.

    Not trying to put a downer on Yellowstone but there are some negatives to August.

    Good luck.
  7. iagree
    There are all these rivers and more in that area some really good small streams to fish that are family waters in that area and are great to get the kids into some flyfishing ( no bushes and small safe water with tons of fish).If you go this route, pm me if your interested in some of the smaller less know streams, Aug. in that area is great for fishing but most of the big water will be packed with the summer crowds and Yellowstone in the summer mo is a mad house, tons of people.
  8. Wow, the great ideas keep comin'!!
    Now my travel itch is kicking in too...wish this runoff on the West side would settle down a little so I can go Swang my Rawd for summer runs.

    OP, Idaho, Non-Park yellowstone areas, OR destinations, it boggles the mind what opportunities there are for us in a day's drive huh?:) I sent a link for this string for my friend to review your responses, but keep 'em coming. This is great!

    Mr Olmstead makes a very good point- as stalker/fisher/hardasses, often we forget the folks who travel with us need some diversion too, and my wife will surely testify to that!

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