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  1. I'm curious as to what kind of mileage you guys get in your rigs. I just got back from a 2500 mile trip to Idaho and thereabouts. My Dodge 2003 diesel made exactly 15 miles per gallon average carrying my 9.5 foot Lance Camper. I have considered getting a trailer such as a 19'. Would my mileage improve? My guess would be the same. So what kind of mileage do you guys get towing rigs, etc. Thanks pals. View attachment 35311
  2. A 19 inch trailer would be hard to back up---ha ha. My diesel gets the same towing or just driving 15.8 = 08 F250
  3. 20-22ish in my 98 outback (207k miles)

    yep, one of these days its gonna leave me stranded in the desert
  4. 18-22 Pathfinder 210k miles
    16 towing my 14 ft flatbed trailer with rafts
  5. 1997 Jeep Wrangler 136K miles, usually get 18-19mpg. If towing a light utility trailer then around 17mpg.
  6. My 95 F250 turbo diesel with a 10' cab over got 17 and 19 mpg on a Montana trip.
    Empty with the canopy I get 24 @ 55 mph, go faster = less mpg.
    I have a friend that has the 01 Dodge Cummins turbo diesel and gets 20 mpg pulling a 23' trailer, also stays under 55 mph.
    My 1988 Toyota Corolla gets 34 mpg carrying my 4 piece 9' 5 wt and fishing vest, cooler with treats and my fishing partner w/gear
  7. 2002 Dodge Dakota (110,000 miles) it gets around 18-19 and when I tow my pop-up it only drops 1 or 2 mpg.
  8. 2002 Tundra, 166k - 17-19.
  9. 1999 Ford Exploder - 157,000 miles
    20-22 on the freeway during road trips
    Not sure about in city, just know it sucks...literally
  10. Whew, I can tell this is a fisherpersons website . . . those are some big numbers. I was about to call out Stonefish on the 20-22 mpg, but he came around with the around town gas consumption comment.

    My Jeep Grand Cherokee, 110k, 4.7 liter V8, will get 20 if I'm driving 55 on flat ground. When does that happen? Almost never; I don't live in Kansas. With the small V8 the little rig will go like a scalded dog and it's very maneuverable up in the mountains and in tight spaces and it laughs at snow and slippery conditions, but its gas mileage is no better than that of a full-sized rig.

    To that end, commuting mileage (70% highway) is just over 16. Towing my little Smokercraft Alaskan, 14', with 25hp, it gets 12 at 70 mph.

    If I'm driving to Spokane, going 70 and a little more, ;), it's 18 on the way over from Seattle, and maybe 1 mpg better on the way back. Of course these numbers assume no wind; hey, you know it never blows on the east side of th Cascades!!:thumb:
  11. Wow, that's impressive to me Gary. My 15 mpg was also carrying another guy and gear. Boy, your friend with the 23 foot trailer.... really? Damn, that is good! This was my "average" for 2500 miles. There were a few times between fill ups where I made 17.
  12. 30mpg on the 2008 Scion XB. I can even haul a couple pontoons, a couple buddies, and full camping + fishing gear. Can't beat that shit.
  13. I have a similar vehicle, 2004 Dodge Ram Cummins HO w/6 speed manual. I get between 12-16mpg towing a 21' 5th wheel. If it's flat I get the better numbers, obviously it goes down when I hit the mountains. Approx 20mpg unloaded.

  14. My 2008 3500 Chev Silverado duramax got just a hair over 14 when we went Montana last month. I did unload my Eagle Cap 950 camper after we arrived so that helped the milage some. I get around 15.5 in the city with no load. It seems to be getting better milage as I get a few more miles on the truck (around 25000).
  15. I don't care. Personally I would like to get less MPG and have flames coming out the ass end of my rig with the soft supple fur of albino baby seals pressed against my bare ass.

    just kidding... about 17mpg on my old xterra.
  16. 01 F150 gets around 15 - 17 mpg empty. It gets around 8 - 9 mpg towing my 25 ft travel trailer.
  17. I had a 2005 Dodge 3500 Quad Cab AT 4x4 short box with the Cummins. Towing our 26 foot 5th wheel I got around 11-12 pretty much consistently driving east of the mtns going 60-65. I hardly knew the trailer was behind me except for when I had to stop for diesel. Empty I could get 21mpg if I stayed off the right pedal, which was hard to do cause that truck was fun to drive. I miss it, and the trailer.
  18. 1999 legacy wagon(not outback)
    30 hwy if Im not speeding, 20-24 city depending on traffic
  19. Same rig - 168,000
    Same mileage freeway, 16-17 city :(
  20. '99 Wrangler, 20 mpg (after a lot of tinkering . . . ignition, exhaust, chip, air intake)
    '08 Tacoma 4x4, 22 (after just a bit of tinkering)
    '08 Caliber, still running on the first fill-up. Just kidding . . . 35 mpg on the road.

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