You're a 'professional guide,' and this is your ..

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by fredaevans, May 22, 2007.

  1. u tube 'legacy.' Sweet Jesus (takes a couple of minutes to get to the 'good parts':rofl: )
  2. You lost me...... I'm not real sharp.:confused:
  3. lost me

    Looks like Fred forgot to post the link.:beathead:
  4. I'm not sharp either Adam, I have no clue as to what's happening half the time and this must be the half.
  5. link fred....
  6. link....
  7. Aw, fer cryin' out loud! I cain't stands it! Where's the link?

  8. Come on Fred...get in the game here pal! LINK LINK LINK.
  9. What? Is it April 1st?
  10. Home video?
  11. Holy Cow Piss! Wheres the link batman???? Have i missed it???
  12. SORRY FELLOWS! Hadn't noticed the link didn't 'stick.'

  13. Sweet Jesus....That is Awesome!!!! I want to learn to cast like that!!
  14. WOW he should of used a bigger rock.
    Where do you sign up for casting class?
    Anybody know where they were fishing? Under what airport?
  15. definatly nominating that guy for "douchebag of the year" sweet fish landing ability that guy has, and the release of that first fish was textbook:beathead:
  16. Did anyone watch that video of joan wulff that was on the bottom of this one? Ive got to say that was kind of rad.
  17. that was aweful. somebody should beetch slap that man.
  18. stupidest video I ever saw.
  19. Other than dragging the fish up on the beach and then releasing it, I didn't see anything so bad or wrong. Yeah the guys a dweeb, but there are a lot of dweebs in the world.
  20. What ever happened to clipping a gill and throwing a fish on a stringer for 5 min? Do people like coagulated blood in their fillets in the Kodiak? If you're gonna bonk em, at least do it right. :confused:

    :rofl: I wonder how may of his casting students have accidentally hooked up with passing cars or trucks. Better use a heavy tippett.

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