WTB Youth Breathable Waders (Boot Size 8/9)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by robtpainter, Aug 6, 2013.

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    As I was starting to pack for a trip to the St. Joe, I realized my son has outgrown his waders. Wondering if anyone has a set that one of their kids grew out of that are still in decent shape that they want to unload. My son us nearly 11, and right at 5'-0" tall. Currently wears a 7-1/2 shoe, so thinking an 8/9 foot size would be ideal. Interested in bootfoot, stocking foot (and boots if you have 'em). Breathable only, not really interested in neoprene.

    PM, email (rob.painter@macmiller.com) or text @ (206) 786-5179 if you have something you're interested in getting rid of. Prefer to meet locally, most anywhere in the Everett - Tacoma region.

    Thanks a lot,
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