YRFF Fundraising ideas for 2004

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Hydeman, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. I would really appreciate help from you guys on coming up with fund raising ideas for the Yakima River Fly Fishers (YRFF) for 2004. I have volunteered to present the ideas to the board members during the January meeting. I have had good input on an acution event but what else could we do to raise funds for the club.
  2. One time when I was president pro tem of the local fly club and was hustling the group for some money, one guy raises his hand and asks, "Why do we need money?"
    I couldn't think of a reason and just responded with something like,"Well, you always need money." Actually we didn't need any. But, oh, well.
    We had a lot of money coming in every week from door prizes. Local shops gave us stuff they wanted to get rid of and then we bought about $30 of different things, from tippet material to fly boxes etc. We got a roll of tickets from somewhere and everybody bought about $5 worth of tickets at $1 apiece. Seems like we made about $100 every meeting. $25 annual dues and over 35 members, hell, the club was rolling in dough.
    Bob, the Pay me a dollar.:rofl
  3. Hold a free fly casting clinic for kids with any
    donations from parents appreciated - we all enjoy
    our sport and art - pass it on. Sometimes you can
    get a lot of community support for putting in time
    without any expectations - any community will
    appreciate a club that is willing to put out time
    for the kids - good luck:thumb
  4. Yes, money for the YRFF! If I win the Lotto, the YRFF will never have to worry about funding again, but, it hasn't happened yet. Soooo, in the meantime, I know a guy who has a private lake/pond near Cle Ulem that wants to do a charity type fishing thing. i've caught some serious hogs in his lake too. This Spring I will talk to him about it. Its his idea, so I think he's a go, but don't quote me, its his lake, his fish. I will keep the YRFF board members up to date with info as soon as I can.

    YT :beer2
  5. You guys are awesome. These are some great ideas, thanks for the help so far.:thumb
  6. There is an annual collector car show in Cle Elum each year, maybe a booth during that week end would get you exposure to a different group. I know gear heads and fly purists may seam like an unlikely pair, but the people with antique cars love a pristine drive also. If funds used are for stream rehab and clean up, they'll pony up some a few dollars.

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