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  1. Friday 10/1. Drove from Redmond to Kalispell. Drove all day.

    Saturday 10/2. Drove from Kalispell up through Glacier park on the "going to the sun" road. It was wicked, the views were outstanding. Exited the park at St. mary and found a place that sold us Blackfeet Lisences, 30 bucks for 3 days. Fished Duck Lake on the res. Windy as hell, had a couple of bites, but it was tough out there. Rented a cool little cabin for the night.

    Sunday 10/3 No wind, time to "get-er-done" at Duck lake. My first fish, a 28" rainbow, maybe 10 pounds, na, 9 pounds easy. My biggest bow ever, beat my Seeps lakes bow. landed 3 more fish in the 4 or 5 pd range. CWUgirl caught a nice one too. Wind came up in the afternoon, came back out for the evening, but alas, no more fish. Rented our cabin for another night. Watched a cattle drive at dusk.

    Monday 10/4 Drove down the res to Mitten Lake, locals said it was fishing well. got lost looking for it, finally found it, the wind was howling. had so many strikes, only landed 1 fish. Called it a day early and drove back to the Kalispell area and headed down the Swan river valley. Fished the Swan river, Cwugirl caught some small cutts, I got skunked. stayed in Condon, MT.

    Tuesday 10/5 Fished the blackfoot river all day. fished at several spots, had the best luck at a place where we hiked in about a mile and worked our way back to the truck. CWUgirl caught a beauty, about 17" cut-bow. I landed a brown and westslope cutt, not huge, but respectable. Drove down to Deer Lodge for the night.

    Wednesday 10/6 The Annaconda settling ponds. So Lame! the hog ponds were closed, got a tip from a local and fished the bypass creek down from the spillway. saw no fish, hooked nothing, saw nobody else fishing, decided to get the hell out. This place has nothing on Rocky Ford. Decided to drive up to the Missouri river. Stumbled into the coolest town on earth: Craig Montana. Walked into the bar, ordered a captain and coke, CWUgirl got a bud light. The waitress said, "three bucks" Are you kidding me, three bucks!? Went up near the wolf creek bridge and fished some islands, hooked a JT on a size 20 BWO. it fought hard and finally bent the hook straight!!! damn!! hooked three more fish and lost them all. :beathead: Went back to Craig and camped at the camp ground. We went to the bars and drank all night. Met some cool people, had a fabulous dinner at Isaaks. the guides hit us up for work all night. way fun though, I love Craig Mt!

    Thursday 10/7 Rented a raft from CrossCurrents, floated from Holter dam down to Craig. had a blast, I rowed, CWUgirl fished, she caught a huge whitefish and a 1 bow. The fishing was slow, but we loved every minute of it. Drove from Craig to Missoulla, we were beat.

    Friday 10/8 Got our Idaho lisences in Missoulla and headed over Hoodoo pass down to Kelly Creek. what a beautiful place. Landed a nice cutt on my first cast. proceeded to hook dozens of fish on every fly we tried. Nothing to write home about, but still it was a blast!! Camped at the Kelly forks C.G. brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

    Saturday 10/9 Fished the N. fork Clearwater, weather was horrid, wind, rain, snow. caught nothing, left at noon and headed for home. Got back to redmond at 10 p.m. We were dead tired.

    Overall, had a great trip. Met lots of nice people, bought some trinkets along the way, and fished/drove our asses off. We fell in love with Craig, MT. Looking at property as we speak. The weather was sunny during the day and cold and clear every single night. Photo's soon. YT :beer2:
  2. Whitey, you forgot the best part- a destination in and of itself, 10,000 Silver Dollars! Some people just can't be stopped from buying sweet foam dome hats at bargin prices.... :p :p :p

    I'll get the pictures up tonight.
  3. craig

    yeh, craig rocks, 2 bars, 2 flyshops and about 10 people. mike w
  4. I just looked at your pictures. Nice. But how come all them pictures are of Yt. Isn't he allowed to take pictures of you.

    I need to ask one question and I will go away. In one picture you show the rules as they should apply to all CnR fishing but in two of the pictures Yt held up the fish for pictures. Bad Yt.

  5. So was it a pretty gay trip or what?
  6. Rowdy, your gaywadness wasn't there, so it was hardly fruity at all.

    No, YT has questionable camera skills. I have lots of shots of my hands plus a trout or the back of my head plus part of a net... I'm not happy that I don't have a quality picture of the nice cutt-bow I caught on the blackfoot.
  7. Sweet.
  8. 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar....

    Yeah that is some joint. IrishMac10 And I have parked my trailer behind that place a couple of times [free rv parking]. They have the best collection of Jackalopes I have ever seen, including the rare flying ones. I got my first Moose Drool hangover in that bar. Now that I am retired I am considering living behind that joint. I just might take the Old Man with John and I. Jim. :beer1:
  9. 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar....

    You think that they have enough signs for that place; Silver Dollar 40 miles ahead, ect...:p
  10. We want foam hat snaps for sure!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    CDub, show up at Rowdy's Closer and you'll get good pics of your fish for sure! And a gay time was had by all...
  11. We gonna get ourselves from foam hats and then we'll catch some "bigguns"!!!!!!



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