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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by spanishfly, May 18, 2009.

  1. Keep them coming Mark! <a href="http://www.midcurrent.com/">LINK</a> It's always a treat too see your latest work. :thumb:
  2. I have some authentic Yuhina cards...just awesome!
  3. Kool Mark! :thumb:
  4. Mark does great work, his gallery is terrific and he kicked some butt on team Boot along with Coach, and Mingo last year on the Flyfishing competition, landing of all things, a turtle.


  5. Cool, I knew you would. Been waiting!
    Yo Ed were did you get the Yuhina cards?. I want some.
  6. Dennis, thanks for the link. Yuhina is the MAN! Fellas, if you don't have one of his originals, I recommend you get one before his head gets too big and his prices goes through the roof ; )

    Congrats, Mark- awesome work, bro!
  7. Mark O, I got them from the artist know as Yuhina himself. I bought a line...I got a line and some kick ass cards. There is knowledge here on WFF, there is comeraderie, there is tension and there is talent. What a wonderful place.
  8. I really appreciate all the kind words...friends! Thank you! I really appreciate that!

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