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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by SteelieD, May 7, 2009.

  1. So... I bought a Z Axis 7110 with a compact Skagit 390. It casts fairly well in my hands (giving all credit to Jerry Siem for developing a kick ass rod). I'm thinking trying some other lines, a heavier skagit and a scandi for summer work.

    So here's the question(s): how much of the Rio Skagit 500 would I have to cut back to make it a 450? 440? 430? etc... And, what Scandi line would you guys recommend? AFS 6/7?

  2. 330 AirFlo compact scandi with 10' poly tips or mono leader works like a charm. Great little rod, enjoy!

  3. That seems pretty light. I haven't casted the rod so it might be perfect. I have the 8 and I throw a a cut back Skagit to 520 Grains and 10' of T-14. A nice slow stoke and it flies!
    The Guys from Sage told me about this line.
  4. iagree I had the privilege of casting this set up and it was SWEET!! The only problem is now I want one! :beathead:;)

  5. I have that rod with the airflo compact skagit 420, I feel it is a little heavy. Although it did cast well. It just seemed a little heavy for my liking. I am thinking of dropping down to the 390, or trying a Rio 450 head cut back 3 ft making it about a 400. I know its only 20/30 Grains, just fine tuning the rod
  6. Thanks guys.

    FLYFSN - what kind of tips are you running on the 420?
  7. D-
    The AirFlo Skagit Compact in 450 will rule on that rod. We have been using that combo as a demo stick during casting classes, just to show that the shorter twigs can throw tight 80's with 13' of t-10 and a hunk of feathers.

    Short story-
    Ask 10 different folks what line they like on a rod, and you will get 10 different answers. My Advice? Find a shop with a few lines that you can demo, then buy the one that feels best to you. Then keep going back to that shop.
  8. Thanks Mark!
  9. I cut a 600 Skagit back to 22'/497 grains and the 7110 likes it.
    boop--out it goes.
  10. Steelie, I throw anything from type 3 to T14. Lengths from 7-11 Ft with big intruder patterns.Most of the time i busted the Skagit 3-3.5 times rule. I found i like the 2.5 X the rod lentgh. this rod handles it all. As you can see we all like a differant feel.
  11. AFS 6/7 or Airflo Scandi Compact 390 grn. I took a 450 rio skagit and cut it back to 24' it is now 400grn and flies.

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