FS Z-Axis 6110-4, Gunnison 5 w/Lines

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  1. I have a slightly used Z-Axis Switch 6110-4 and a Gunnison 5 reel for sale. Both rod and reel are in good- to great used condition. This is a sweetly balanced little combo. I will have photos to upload later today.

    Sorry I literally cant find my camera, I will text some from my phone to you if you are interested.

    PM Me, and I'll give you all the pic's I can.

    Rod = $400.00
    Reel = $175.00

    Combo = $550.00 $500.00 including backing outbound line + Sinking Poly Leader + bonus 12 flys the Steel cant resist! ;)


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  2. Is it a 6100 or 6110? You have both listed. Thanks
  3. Spnyfish,

    Thanks for the proof reading! My Mistake. This is an 11' 6 wt. Z-Axis Switch rod. I'll get some pics this evening once I get home from work.

  4. Bump. Open to offers....
  5. Bump with a reduced price, and a lil' deal sweetener.
  7. I see this has been for sale awhile, what is your rock bottom price shipped. Also any damage or wear on Rod and Reel?
    I don't need a 6 wt. but may be tempted, pics would have been nice.

    Ron in Raymond WA.

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