Z-axis of shot guns??

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  1. I'm new to upland hunting and looking to invest in a decent 12 ga. I'm looking for a shotgun that's akin to the Sage Z-axis (or XP) of fly rods. In other words high end main stream, but nothing fancy. Would a Browing Citori 625 Field be akin to the Z-axis? What about the Fausti guns that Cabelas now carries? Your help is much appreciated.
  2. What type of shotgun are you looking for? Autoloader? Benelli would be my first choice.

    However, one that fits YOU is most important.
  3. I'm looking for an over & under, I think.
  4. Best BANG for the buck!

    Give us some parameters, at least a $ ceiling :thumb:
  5. $2500 ceiling, over and under style, used for both field and trap. I don't know enough to tell you more.
  6. dont buy a 12 gauge if all you are going to do is upland bird hunt. Get a 20 or 28 gague
    I am partial to berettas but I also have a browning citori.
  7. ahh, sure, if you are hunting release site birds, but a 12 gauge is standby on wild birds when your only shot could be a long one

    From Quail to Pheasants, a 12 is the most versitile gun in my opinion

    der ya go

    A Beretta 687 could be a nice choice for you. That's a hell of a gun
  8. There are many fine o/u guns. I'm partial to brownings, weatherby makes a fine gun, the italians are sexy too. You'll only be happy with a gun that fits. It's that important. It ain't like a fly rod, it must fit.

    I personally think the benelli autoloader is the most versatile, most reliable, and easiest to fit. I sold a nice browning o/u to get it. But I understand.

    Get a 12 ga. Again, more versatile than the others.
  9. CITORI!!! I think the rugers are pretty B\A though...
  10. go talk to Pete at Creekside in Issaquah. He is a hard core birder.
  11. as a long time shotgunner, 28ga for upland birds choked IC/IC. this is 1/8 oz less shot than the 20ga and a great deal lighter and way more fun to use frequently. i prefer the O/U over other actions for upland.

    best thing is to go shoot some at a skeet range to see which stocks fit the best. there is a world of difference in the combs of these off the shelf units. length of pull can easily be accomodated by a competent gun smith.
  12. I have a Beretta 685 O/U 12 ga. that I love, but the fixed chokes make it very expensive to shoot anything non-toxic. Tungsten is running about $2.50 / shell.
  13. I have that gun as well, and love it. O/U guns just feel nicely balanced. However, if I were to have just one shotgun, it would be my Benelli SBE. It's not an overly heavy beast (so easy to tote while chukar hunting), mounts and shoots real nicely, is a snap to clean, and shoots 3" and 3.5". It's a do-everything gun, from upland to waterfowl to turkey. Shoots buckshot at coyotes nicely, too. I also have a Z-Axis. :thumb:
  14. I have a Franchi 612vs. It is an automatic.

    It is a good gun. since 2002 only one shell has stove piped in it and that was my fault for not flipping the piston on it for low base shells.

    It will cycle with the lowest target loads. You can invert the piston for shooting high base and it greatly reduces the recoil and barrel rise. I have the matching 20 gauge too that I have had since the 70's so it is a tried design with many years of service.
  15. The silver pigeon, baretta (sp?) 20 gauge. 12 guage is overrated in my opinion. I have a side by side 410 that I love hunting pheasent with. Tight groups fun to shoot. Leathal if you know what you are doing.
  16. There are alot of great o/u in that price range starting with the Ruger red lablel probibly on the cheeper end starting at about $1400 and up to the 2k range for the Beretta's and the Weatherbys, the more you pay the nicer looking the gun will be. But really I highly advise either shooting multiple diffrent models or at least go to the gun store and pull the gun up multiple times as if you were drawing on a bird (full speed) and see which one fits your style more naturally. Also the 12ga is completely overrated I've been hunting a 20ga for 18 years and it is more than efficent at knocking down ANY WILD UPLAND BIRD. Also its a little easier on your sholder if your planning on shooting a couple hundred rounds a day at the range. The 28ga is also a great choice and alot less weight than a 12ga when your walking your ass off up and down hills chasing chukar.
  17. I shoot the Silver Pigeon 3 Beretta in 12g which is a great gun.
    How tall are you?
    That might seem a daft question but i remember being told that Brownings suit people over
    5' 10'' and Beretta under that height.
    My son is 6' 2'' and handles his Browning Citori well but my Beretta is just a little too short in the stock.
    Also, take a look down the stock from the barrel end to see if there is a cast off left or right, there shouldn't really be in a factory built gun but some do have some cast that can ruin things for you.
    Gun fit is the best advice i can give you and iff possible try the gun ouit on some clays beforehand.
  18. I wont endorse a manufacturor but place a couple observations in liu.

    For an all around upland field gun I prefer a 20 gauge with 3" chambers. You'll be shooting 2 3/4" 90+% of the time but the option is available to step up the shot charge if needed. There is a great selection of 2 3/4" factory ammo 3/4, 7/8, & 1 ounce. Hit the clays range or the field with confidence.

    Watch the frame size. Some models/manufacturors use the same heavy [12 ga] frame for ALL gauges, creating uneccessary bulk & weight in what should be lighter & sleeker guns.

    Screw in chokes are a MUST HAVE.

    Put some thought into your barrel length choice. 26" minimum, my personal preference is for 28" on field guns. If your tall or spend alot of time shooting clays 30" is viable. Consdider that due to recievers a two barrel gun will be shorter overall than an auto or pump with same length barells. 28" on an O/U will be close to same overall length as auto W/ 26"

    If possible check for a good fit with several guns of your choice brand/model. Their all different, look down the rib of enough of them you'll come across one thats much more suited to you than others were. Saves the money and headache of having custom fitting/stock work done later.

    Good luck..... SG
  19. Beretta 687 is my choice. I own a 12, 20 & 28. The Citori is nice, and I have hunted many times with one, but is much heavier and the action is bulkier. This isn't so much of an issue for field guns because they aren't shot as much, but in competition guns you will get much more life from a Beretta then the Citori based on the action lock design. The 687 is locked at the top of the action where it has leverage, the Citori is locked lower. It is like holding a door shut at the handle or at the hinge. After a few thousand rounds the Citori will fall open like a jack in the box. Like I said, this does not really apply to field guns since they are not shot that much, but they are packed for many miles, so look closely at weight. Also, Ruger makes many quality products for the money, but IMO the Red Label is not comparable to a Browning or Beretta.
  20. A true name dropping yuppie. :rofl:
    Comparing fly rods to shotguns now thats funny.

    I would get a good over and under 12 or 20 gauge.

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