Z-axis of shot guns??

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by seattleangler, Dec 28, 2008.

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    I've owned many shotguns; my favorite was a Winchester o/u pigeon grade with screw in chokes that my wife bought me to gun in bird dog & retriever field trials. I ended up using it for that and for pheasant and ducks.

    Two things are key: fit (get someone who knows how to fit you) and an accurate, reliable, adjustable choke.

    with 12 vs 20, remember you can always use light loads in a 12. I had a couple of 20 ga doubles (including a citori) that I liked for rabbits and quail, but I like the o/u 12 for pheasant, etc. I actually preferred a heavier gun for pheasant and ducks. My lightest 20 double kicked like a mule.
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    Find a gun that fits your body and isnt too heavy. a 12 or a 20 will do just fine for the uplands. I shoot a 28ga a lot of the time as well. You might look at a 20 over a 12 just for the weight factor.