Zap-a-Gap parachute tie off

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by TrappedinCO, Aug 11, 2006.

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    So I picked up a PMX at a shop the other day to copy. Upon inspection, I noticed that the fly did not appear to have the peacock thorax nor the parachute hackle tied off in any conventional fashion (i.e. there was no thread head where the hackle or herl should have been tied off). Curious, I disected the fly and found that the hackle and herl appeared to be super glued to the hook/post, similar to the technique for doing the zap-a-gap whip finish. Has anyone tried this with parachute hackle before and could elaborate? It made for a very seamless hackle job with no strays.

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    I always finish my parachutes by whip finishing on the post below the hackle. If you tie in the hackle after finishing everything except the portion of the fly in front of the post, then dub or wrap the head end of the fly from the eye back to the post, covering the tie in of the hackle. Now wrap the hackle around the post and whip finish on the post, you will not be able to see any thread wraps.