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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tom Arroll, Sep 28, 2007.

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    I am starting to plan a week long trip to the Zihuatanejo area for the end of October and wanted some advice on where to go. One important consideration is that my wife is still angry at me about the 2000 mile roadtrip we took to Northern British Columbia this summer to camp and fish. Being that we have a one year old boy perhaps this was not the relaxing "lay at the beach with a maragrita holliday" that my wife wanted. That said I need to consider the families needs along with the fishing potential. We take at least one trip to Baja (East Cape mostly) trip a year and have been throughout the Yucatan so we are fairly seasoned Mexico travelers. We prefer less developed areas but with the 1 year old we need access to at least some ammenities. I predominantly fly fish so I would like to find an area that I could do some shore fishing and can hire a Panga. I am not so interested in spending a huge amount of money on blue water charters or boutique fly fishing guides so shore fishing, kayak fishing and inexpesive pangas are the preferred methods. Any thoughts? Zihuatinejo? Trocones? Barra de Potosi? Other area of Coast? We are more leaning towards renting a house or other type of rental with a kitchen rather than staying at a resort (not our cup of tea). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also what species are typicaly caught in late October?


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    Give Michael at Pacific Fly Fishers in Mill Creek a call. He has been down there a few times and has a picture of him with a nice Zihuatanejo Sailfish on his website.

    Good Luck
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    We have gone down there the last couple of years and it is a great place!!!!! I caught my first sailfish on the fly there. I would recommend getting in contact with Ed Kunze. He lives in Zihuatanejo and books many of the fishing charters and also books all the fly fishing charters. He also does fly fishing guided trips in pangas and off the beach. He is a good guy. His last email address is edkunze@gmail.com . Let me know if you need anymore info.
    Chad Helms
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    I agree with Chad. See if you can get in touch with Ed. I'm not sure he is guiding these days as he is pretty busy with his construction business. Nevertheless, he'll be able to suggest some good captains etc. I have fished Zihuat in October but it's been about 3 years. The sailfish scene was not quite happening at that time of year but there were some fish to be caught inshore including some nice roosterfish. However, I had plenty of rain during my October visit which made the near shore waters quite off color ( read: chocolate milk ) and pretty tough to fish. Zihaut is a cool town. Have fun down there. Suerte!
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    Eds Ok if you want to pay a middle man. Try contacting Captain Aldolfo Cell#01152 7555593796 or 75544554. Great captan To make the wife and Kids happy have Aldolfo take you fish toward Ixtapa island and take the wife and kids there for snorkeling and lunch.
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    I went to Zihua Thanksgiving '06. I had a lot of email communication with Ed Kunze. He seems like a nice guy, but I could not get him to cross the finish line on getting a trip set up . Some of my communication was as straightforward as "Ed, I want to book a couple of days." He couldn't commit, and sometimes wouldn't address the issue.

    I eventually obtained a few names of some pangeros/guides that know fly fishers, and I booked a couple of days myself, directly.

    Martin Cortez (the boat "Isamar"). Phone 044-755-558-4992.
    Santiago (boat "Gitana") or Adan (boat: "Gitana II". It's Santiago's boat).
    Cheva on the "Dos Hermanos II".
    Ptofo on the "Janeth".

    Santiago and Adan speak English pretty well. Martin was already booked. Santiago was, as well, so I fished with Adan. The boats are spotless, and they come with the captain and a mate. I set up my trip via email directly with Santiago. His email address is gitana7812@hotmail.com. The daily rate was $210 per day at that time, from 6:30 am to 2 pm. $30 per hour for extra fishing, needed if you run down to Vicente Guerroro to check out roosters.

    Big fish weren't around in force at the time, but catching bonito and skippies was automatic. Ten weight and white flies. The fish I caught could easily have been handled on a 9 weight, but I liked having the 10 because ya never know what might show up out in the salt. Sails were just showing up, and the gear guys were picking up one or two in a day of trolling. Jacks and rooster reports were spotty at best. The boats are spotless, and they come with the captain and a mate.

    This isn't meant to sound rude, but Ed Kunze will be somewhat of a waste of time. He's a nice guy and can give you good how-to info, but I later found out that my booking challenges with him were pretty typical.
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    I agree with Richard completely about Ed. It is best to go down and meet the captains in person. In October the Dorado should be there and a few Sails. Not too many roosters??? but I could be wrong. There is a beach west of the airport that does have Rooster fishing, but I have not done that. It is a great place and you should have a great time. The phone # i gave you was for the Captain of the Dos Hermonious I . It is one of the cleanest Panga's you will find there.
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    I have pre-booked 2 trips in Zihua over the last few years, each trip was a "gear" trip though on the second trip the captain accomodated an excursion over to a seamount to toss some flies. Each trip was on a large boat trolling for sailfish. Whatever the price, offshore (or near shore in Pangas) fishing in Zihua is a great value.

    First trip (4/2004) I booked through Ed and things went well, though there was a slight change in fee once we were on the boat, but it was only $25 or so. That year we hooked a sailfish, a large dorado a number of benito, it was a good trip.

    In 2006 (Dec) I booked the Gran Jefe and we had a double hookup with sailfish, my Dad and I working some pretty sizeable fish side by side. Also caught a number of Benito which kept my 5 year old nephew and 9 year old son busy.

    If you want to save $50-$100 walk the docks when the boats return in the afternoon and negotiate a fee. Yet, on both trips I was in Zihua there were large groups who had booked several boats for a "tournament" and charters were hard to come by if you had not reserved a boat in advance.

    All of the captains seem to find the fish, if you are fishing on the fly for the billfish a few trips might be necessary. I also had a lot of fun right out in front of the hotel chasing rooster fish up and down the beach ( and not even getting close ) and hooking (c+r) a number of smaller reef fish.

    - Geo