Zihuatanejo marlin

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    Was down in Zihuatanejo with my fiance and we decided to give offshore fishing a shot, our first blue water experience. Due to the economy, the approaching low tourist season, and swine flu we were able to get a great rate on one of the larger boats out of Zihuatanejo -- $300 for fishing 6 am to 3 pm. After going for jumping bonitos at daybreak we headed out to the bluewater and after about 2 hours of trolling we hooked up with something that took the bait silently. After about 10 minutes of fighting the unknown beast, a beautiful marlin shot out of the water behind the boat. He proceeded to make multiple runs and leaps and after a 60 minute fight we landed him. The boat that I was on doesn't tag and release -- didn't get the impression that tag and release is widespread or even existent down there. I asked the crew but they seemed puzzled by the idea. They said that the meat goes to their families. The rest of the trip was also awesome. The beaches weren't crowded and we didn't get swine flu.
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    Congrats on the Fish. Hey, if they eat the fish, then perfect. :thumb:
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    I caught a sailfish out of Zihuat and the skipper did the same thing, even though we discussed releasing the fish beforehand. I took the tail section to a restaurant on Isla Ixtapa (the skipper dropped us off there for the afternoon) and it was incredibly good. The rest went to the fish market in Zihuat and the skipper made some $ on it. It is too bad, but these guys are mostly living hand to mouth (especially now with swine flu, the drug war and the economy all cutting into the tourist trade) so you can't blame them too much for keeping fish. Maybe we fishers should offer a couple hundred for each marlin or sail they release. That would result in a lot fewer fish kept. Rick
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    That's exactly what I try to preach when people talk about keeping fish to give to the captain and crew. These guys are on the water most days and have more fish than they can eat. They don't need food, they need money, which is why they'll sell your catch if they can. If you can give them a good tip in exchange for releasing fish, everyone gets what they want and pelagic gamefish don't have to die in the process.