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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Gary Thayer, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Gary Thayer

    Gary Thayer Member

    The zipper pull tabs on my pontoon storage units are breaking off from the zippers. Aside from using strap ties, anyone have ideas who/where one can obtain the tab pull devises?

  2. Dan Nelson

    Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

    Do you mean the pull tab itself (i.e. the part you grab onto) or the slider (the part that 'zips' the teeth together)?

    Actually, it doesn't matter: You can get either at Seattle Fabrics online or at the Aurora Ave (Seattle) store:

    Zipper sliders here: sliders

    For zipper pulls, I like to make them out of thin cording. You can find the hardware clips for that half-way down the page here:
  3. ken2cross

    ken2cross Member

    How about this:
    If you want it less likely to come off, soak a dab of glue into it. DSCN0696.JPG
  4. Gary Thayer

    Gary Thayer Member

    Thanks Dan, this may do the trick.

  5. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

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