Zombie Glo Squid

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  1. Flyjunkie

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    I've been working on a new Squid pattern in recent months and have come up with a Fine pattern that incorporates Glow in the Drak Materials thru out the Pattern..
    as I like catchy names on patterns (Makes it easy to remember..) I have named this Pattern...

    Zombie Glo Squid

    Green version...

    White version...

    Red/Pink version...

    Glowing brightly....

    The fly has been fished at the Channel Islands here in California and it has caught Calico bass and various Rockfish around the islands.. I am waiting for later this Coming Winter to fish larger versions for White Sea Bass and Yellowtail when the "Market Squid" migrate up along the Southern California Coast at that time... I think I will finally catch both species with this Pattern... Yes!!!

    Thought Folks up North might like to see this pattern, Would it be Good on Salmon in the Salt????

    Take care...,

    DEAN ~~~
  2. Steve Rohrbach

    Steve Rohrbach Puget Sound Fly Fisher

    Dean, thanks for sharing the Zombie Glo Squid. Mark Mandell and Les Johnson published a book in 2004 called Tube Flies: A Tying, Fishing and Historical Guide. The book includes a pattern called the Calamarko Squid that I have used to catch Pacific Salmon in Washington, BC and Alaska. I like your use of Glow in Dark materials. I am also using UV materials to improve the visibility in flies in the Saltwater. Please keep us informed on the success of your pattern.
  3. Caveman

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    What are the parts in your pattern. Very nice fly.....
  4. Flyjunkie

    Flyjunkie Hunky Dory

    Thanks for the Positive Kudos, nice to know my "Dr. Frankenstein" brainstorming at the Vise is approved of... ;)
    And i am happy so far with the positive approval by the Local salty Species....

    As to Materials & tying the pattern here ya go... :

    HOOK : Daiichi 2462, sizes #4/0 ~#1/0 ; this is a strong hook for local Bass, Rockfish, Halibut.. but I would then switch to Gamakatsu 1390-55, sizes #3/0 ~ #5/0 for brutes like Yellowtail, WSB, Tuna, etc.

    THREAD : 140 White Ultra Thread

    "Tentacle Flair" = a short section of the Body material tyed in then unraveled with a dubbing needle.

    TENTACLES = White Saddle Hackles, 6 total spread around the Hook shank, with Ever Glow Flash strands of the chosen color spread around the shank prior to tying in the Saddle Hackles.. Tentacles should be 2 1/2 times the hook shank length.

    BODY = Ever Glow Tubing, sized to the hook size. slip over the hook eye and tye off at back of body whip finish and cut thread. coat tye off point with Zap-A-Gap CA + and then Push the Tubing back over the tye in point so it covers the Thread wraps and and a slight bit of the Tentacles. Tye off at the front, leaving enough space for the "wings"... whip finish and clip Thread.

    EYES = 3-D sliver Eyes sized to Hook, place these on the folded over section of the Tubing right in front of the Tentacles. coat the Eyes and immediate area with Clear Cure Goo, Epoxy or Tuffleye to secure the eyes to the tubing.. The Tubing in front of the Eyes up to the front tye off point is left uncoated.

    "SWIMMING FINS" = first tye in a small bunch of the Ever Glow Flash fibers extending out over the Hook eye, and spread around the hook shank. Next back at the front of the body tye in a length of Pearl Palmer Chenille or equivalent in a medium or larger size (depending on Hook size used), advance thread to slightly behind the hook eye, coat the thread wraps with Aqua flex or Fleximent and carefully wrap the Palmer Chenille forward. tye off and cut the Palmer Chenille. Measure the Ever Glow Flash strands so they will be slightly longer the fibers of Palmer Chenille and cut them off, next carefully pull back the Ever Glow Strands and tye them down ~ so they are on a 45 degree angle over the Palmer chenille. build a small thread head, whip finish and add a drop of Zap-A-Gap CA + . once that dries coat the head with "Hard as Hull" or Sally Hansen's... The Zombie Glo Squid is finished..

    I weight some of the Squid and others I do not, to weight them you can warp lead wire at the front of the hook shank or use the Channel Lead to weight the fly..

    The Ever Glow Flash, Ever Glow Tubing & Channel Lead are all available from Cascade Crest Tools, this is Pat Dunlap's materials company in Oregon and they offer all sorts of interesting and one of a Kind materials..
    Their website is : http://cascadecrest.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

    Hope this is helpful to anyone interested in tying the Zombie Glo Squid.....
    If there are any further questions, please just ask Me....

    DEAN ~~
  5. kelvin

    kelvin Active Member

    I love tying and fishing Squid patterns
    and thats a GOOD ONE!
  6. Steve Knapp

    Steve Knapp Beach Bum

    Any way you can put the pics back up for a couple? Or is it just my computer? Fly sounds badass from the materials list.
  7. Steve Call

    Steve Call Active Member

    I'd fish those flies in rivers for salmon and steelhead.
  8. Flyjunkie

    Flyjunkie Hunky Dory

    Steve.. i did not remove the Photos, perhaps your system is just acting funky??/ hopefully You can see them when you come back here. if not PM me & I'll send you photos directly...

    DEAN ~~
  9. Steve Knapp

    Steve Knapp Beach Bum

    Thanks Dean, it was my work computer, photos came up fine at home. Thanks for the fly, I'll be trying to replicate your fly on tubes, and throwing them at Resident coho this winter. Thanks again,