Swap 05-06 Beginner/Intermediate Anti-Shack Nasty Marathon Fly Swap


Good report! I had the same problems as you getting the backing card back into the envelope, until Liz, Denny's daughter, showed me how to flex the backing a bit before sliding it back into the plastic sleeve. Duh!

Is anyone sick of rain yet?



Will Fish For Food
Rain & flex

I'll have to try flexing the backing paper. I might just put a permanent crease in it, which would help with the stiffness as well.

The sunlight on the way to work was literally blinding; I had to close one eye and squint with the other to see. And me on my motorcycle. :p

Personally, after this much rain I'd like to see the record get broken. But I remember all the slides from the mid-90s and don't particularly want to see a repeat of those.



Fishing with the kids
My streamers are done. I will get them sent out either tomorrow or early next week. If the rain keeps up, I am going to need a boat to get to the post office :D

That's the attitude I like to see.


We have the 'toons tied to the front porch just in case the Nisqually gets too much higher. Just kidding, we're about 150 feet above the river and well back from it's banks (like 2 blocks).

Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven't been keeping up to snuff here. We've had some guests that equired a lot of our time. Things are almost back to normal.

To keep everyone better informed of your flies arrivals, I'll be updating the first post of the swap as they come in. It is up to date now, with flies in from Wayne Kohan, Randy Diefert and Jesse Clark.

I have no word from John Clark as to his status in the swap as yet.



Will Fish For Food
On to the toe tags!

Actually, I have to do some final head cementing as well.

15 OACs (one armed crayfish) are ready to go ... and they are about as ugly as, well, a bottom feeder. :rofl:

I think I actually got the color matched fairly well to a live signal crayfish, so we'll see.

It's a new pattern, so I can't guarantee your success with it. However, I can guarantee that every fly water within a decent light plane ride from here has roughly a 90% chance of having crayfish in it ... and about a 99.5% chance that the trout you're casting to hasn't seen a crayfish pattern. :thumb:


ps. on to my three dozen emergers, 'cause like an idiot I signed up for another swap too! :confused:
Hey swappers:
I just talked to John Clark and unfortunatly he is out of the swap. He got a new job and responsibilities and is out of town all week. He said he was sorry for not keeping up his end of the deal.
Hey Ed

I know the feeling. I tied maribou muddlers as well. I did it because I was so lousy at spinning deer hair, so the experience helped. But it was a lot of work.


Please pass on to John my best wishes. I know he was busting his hump with everything he had on his plate. No hard feelings here.

Guys, I hate spinning deer hair. I'm just not very good at it. VEE, on the other hand does a great job of it. When I do a fly that requires spun deer hair, I do everything except the deer hair, then hand the fly off to VEE. Tag team fly tying, works for us.