Swap 05-06 Beginner/Intermediate Anti-Shack Nasty Marathon Fly Swap

Dylan DePaulo's dries arrived today. Mighty fine looking bugs they are, too. Love the "what this fly taught me" that Dylan includes with his flies. Nice touch.


Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
Howdy fellas. My life has become quite hectic lately. I haven't had any extra time to tie any flies. Unfortunately, it would probably be best that I remove myself from the swap. I aplogize for the short notice for this month. the end of the months keep sneaking up on me.

I'm a little bummed. I really enjoyed getting everyone's flies the first few months.

Hopefully, I'll things will settle down, and I will be able to participate in some future swap. That is, if anyone is willing to let me participate..


No problem, Buddy. Sometimes life gets in the way of our guilty pleasures. It happens. Thanks for the heads up. Keep your eyes peeled for future swaps once things settle to a more relaxed pace. I'll make the change on the first post.

I am so excited about getting the February dries that I am driving to the WET side and having Ron deliver them in person to me:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: at my temorary residence there.
I don't think that even you over achievers with your double offerings and fancy pants toe tags can top.that ;)
jesse clark
What Jesse didn't mention is that, not only is he making the drive, but he's fixin dinner for me and VEE, plus a latte. Talk about your super over-achievers!. I knew you guys liked getting the swap flies, but this is just a bit over the top.

As promised, March Brown Comparaduns are now in the capable hands of Federal Express.
Btw, my screen name should change hopefully soon to Ed D.