Swap 05-06 Beginner/Intermediate Anti-Shack Nasty Marathon Fly Swap

Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
You weren't kidding about the Yelm to Olympia mail time. I didn't get my envelope until Tuesday. I'm half tempted to start hand delivering them.

Bill D., I'm not sure where you are in Oly, but I make a couple trips a month into one of the fly shops in town. If ya wanta meet up, that would work for me. Saves postage too.

Anyfish is trying to make the rest of us look like slackers. His wet flies arrived in the afternoon mail. Some nicely tied ones too. I may have to test those puppies out before I mail them out to you other guys...NOT.

One of the nice things about hosting a swap is getting first peek at the flies as they arrive. Today Tom Grobelny's wet flies arrived in the afternoon mail. He has set a new standard for all us slackers. Not only does he have the usual CAD, two sided toe tags on color coordinated paper, he has submitted some beautifully tied G........Nah, I ain't gonna tell you what he tied. Just rest assured, you will like these flies.

My tag team partner has not even spun up yet! She is however plannig to tie the December fly and is also aiming for the January streamer flies.

15 flies are a lot for her, so we will see if she can pull through. I will get her started early and see if she can get it done!

Tom G
First, Jesse James, your flies arrived today, safe and sound. Very nice tie, though your gonna have to work on those toe tags some to match Tom.

Tom, Looking forward to seeing some of your tag team partners work. Get her on the bench.

I have a record of not working up to my potential since I entered kindergarten. I am trying not to ruin my longstanding record. The hand written toe tags will just have to do. Sounds like Tom is making life hard on us underachievers.:clown:
jesse clark
Randy, Thanks for the heads up. I'll let you know when they arrive, as usual.

Jesse, from the looks of the flies that came in with the great toe tags, I'm gonna have to ramp it up a bit. He is making it tough on us career underachievers.


Your flies arrived in todays mail. A huge box-o-flies I might add. All very nicely tied. If the rest of you aren't fishing wet flies, your going to have some fine, fine flies to get started with.

By the way, Randy, you got mail or will have shortly.

Dylan DePaulo's flies arrived today. Very nice looking ties. The name, however, cracks me up. The rest of you are gonna have to wait to check these out.

Mine were sent out today. I'm leaving town on Friday for a week. I will return to some new flies to add to my box...... something to dream about on my trip.


Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
Mine went into the mailbox today. I really don't have a name for them, so I just called them Red Soft Hackles. Similar variations have worked well for me in the local lakes.