Pattern 1 attempt at spey pattern

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by frankrutledge, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. SO I thought this was really nice until I saw someone Else's first attempts but I thought I'd share anyway.
    Feedback is appreciated, negativity isn't.

    Look below for photo
  2. Photo below.
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    looks good for a first... when i do speypatterns i usually do marabou speys with that guinea you use for the wing as a collar... it loos good though keep on tying and itll get better
  4. Dom,
    Do you have an example I can use? I have been tying by sight mainly, could be part of the problem, but it's what I have thus far.
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    Frank, fish the damn thing before you start second guessing it. That is your interpretation, your work and it looks great for a first timer. It would be a good searun cutthroat fly, or a good steelhead fly. Or whatever you want. FISH IT!!!!!!! Go find an big cork board and every time to hook a fish with something you tie, retire it at the end of the day and pin it up on the board. Then when you are tying you can remember how far you've come in some ways and how you haven't in others. Nice job! Coach
  6. Thanks coach!
  7. Here are some more flies that I tied today. I think i'm kinda getting the hang of it.
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    If I were to try and make your flies look better, I would recomend trying to scale the size of the head down. I would also recomend going to and checking out some of his step by step spey flies. That will help you create some really sexy patterns and give you a better idea on the techniques that are used on spey patterns. All in all I like you flies. I would fish um and see what the fish say.
  9. Thanks for the link and help Spey. I'll check it out. Those flies where fun but it's like guessing how to spell a aword without having an education. I need patterens. Also, I know I need to invest in a book or take a class but the plate is full and the account is empty.

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